Lasers in Review – Twisting my Brain


Recommended and apparently popular in other iTunes stores around the world (I’m on Japan’s iTunes), it looked like a simple app and simple puzzler. With the good logic, patience, and persistence that I was blessed with, I thought that Lasers couldn’t be too difficult. The app description mentioned something about redirecting lasers through ‘gems’. I understood that the light gets redirected if going through the ‘gems’ at the right angle (that’s what happens when light goes through gems, right <– don’t disagree with me even if I’ve got that backwards somehow).

The first three levels were a breeze, and I didn’t have to do any light-bending-through-gems-stuff, but the fourth level looked impossible to complete without bending the laser somehow, so I was trying different angles, thinking at just the right angle this damn laser should bend. I gave up after a bit, and considered sending off an email to the developer asking how the light bends, but I thought I really should give it one more try before getting help, and somehow I got all the gems lit up with lasers, and I didn’t even have to bend any lasers through gems. As is usual with puzzle apps, I was wondering how the heck I did that. Monospace and Nintai both left me wondering how I completed some levels, but fortunately, with Lasers!, I could study how the puzzle was finished (unlike the apps I just mentioned).


The next five levels at times required concentration to complete, and sometimes when I opened the app up, I thought I’d just veg out on the puzzle. Well vegging out hasn’t brought spectacular results with this puzzler, so I had to think a bit more carefully in order to continue in Lasers. There are 20 levels, and I am currently only on level 11 – the road this far has required logic, patience, perstistence, and some concentratio. Up to this point, there haven’t been too many gems or laser nodes and lasers to connect, and all laser nodes have been movable. In the app description, it says there are on some levels where laser nodes are bolted to the ground. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered them yet as my head might twist in knots!


The ability to play my own music is awesome and Lasers never slows down. The controls are easy, just tap, drag, and let go of laser nodes at the place where you want to place it. If you’re into just vegging out on games, then this game will probably frustrate you. But if you quite like a more concentrated challenge, then Lasers is a good pick.

review-games-lasers-04 review-games-lasers-05

Just to conclude, the only time so far my brain’s been confuzzled and twisted, was when I was trying to do the impossible (bend lasers through gems), otherwise it’s just been patience, persistence, logic, and a bit of concentration – all of which are needed. That’s not to say that the upcoming levels won’t create intricate knots in my brain – that’s entirely possible (as a previous and quickly deleted puzzle app has done just that).


App Summary
Title: Lasers (V 1.04) Developer: Brisk Mobile Inc.
Price: $0.99 App Size: 1.6 MB
  • Intuitive
  • Easy controls
  • Challenging
  • Listen to own tunes while playing
  • Can’t veg out


Grab It!

– Intuitive
– Easy controls
– Challenging
– Listen to own tunes while playing

– Can’t veg out

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