Updated: AT&T hate their customers – Not 55$, but Not Free


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This will be as short as my opinion of the Telecom Giant, AT&T. I am not American, nor do live in the country, but I met an American once and I feel sorry for the dude. He surely now has an iPhone and a laptop and may sometime just wants to use part of his 5GB ‘unlimited’ internet rather than fiddling with the dinky ‘real internet’ on the toned-down iPhone Safari. So what are his options? Well, AT&T in their infinite wisdom and abundance of PR skills have affected a new policy that tethering will be a surcharge of 55$ per month.

This post has been updated with news from AT&T’s Facebook page in our post entitled: Tethering Plan Update: Not 55$, but Not Free.

July will ring in tethering for iPhone customer in the USA. On top of your limited internet, AT&T will charge you 55$ per month to check your email via a real screen. I will try to break this down. You will still be using your bandwidth that you are paying for. You will still be using your iPhone that you are paying for as the modem. The computer will be connecting through said iPhone. The iPhone’s monthly charge is in effect doubled (nearly) because as the old AT&T quote goes, “We love your money, but we hate to put up with your shi1t!”

In the end, carrier unlocks look better and better.

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