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Changes in the App Store as of OS 3.0
All apps released from 17 June will only be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0. Apps released prior to that date will also support OS 2, but must ensure compatibility with the new firmware. It makes good business sense for Apple to demand this of devs. With the arbitrary date of 17 June set, iPod touch users who want to download new paid and free apps, must first fork over 10$ – even if the app has no features that take advantage of OS 3.0.

Post OS 3.0 release is quite an exciting time. We get Copy/Paste for which the crowd who have been without for too long, go wild. Even I am excited though my general outlook on life is rather dim. In the next few months, there will be compatibility issues that strike up at the App Store. Namely, people who do not upgrade to OS 3 may cause difficulty for apps that run with support for both OS versions. Problems are not guaranteed, but there will definitely be a large contingent who don’t want to pay at least 10$ for copy and paste and better PDA and hardware functions.

Some actually use their iPod touches as digital audio players or media devices. They don’t play games nor do they use email and internet. For them, the largish iPod is primarily an audio player. With good reason too: it is a nice-sounding player. If you know you are going to use a player for a couple of years, you might as well go for the top. Nano, as nice as cute as it is, has too weak of output.

Back on track. As of yesterday, you will probably notice a jumble of apps that only support OS 3.0. Time to upgrade. Below is a selection of random apps from our New Apps page taken from the 17th. Notice how the top 4 are only supported under OS 3.0, whilst the bottom support 2.2.1. As with all software generations, the old compatibilities will fade, and in a few months, we will be hustling Apple for 3.1 or whatever is on the horizon.

OS 3.0 Only
YAAS, Kuku training, 0.99$, 1.3MB


Dahl, Tin Can Phone, 0.99$, 0.1MB


John Cotant, Autoscan Pro, 0.99$, 0.7MB

Autoscan PRO

Stroika, Dogtionary, 4.99$, 14.1MB


OS 2.2.1 or later
Giordano Rotatori, MineFinder, 0.99$, 0.9MB


iPatch Studios, Monkey Sling, 0.99$, 16.9MB

Monkey Sling

Yudo Inc., PianoMan Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 1.99$, 12.1MB

PianoMan Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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