Post WWDC-Woe: Apple’s MacBook Pro’s SATA Interface Downgraded

The Face of the Future, A Dumbed-down, Limited-use Future.

The Face of the Future, A Dumbed-down, Limited-use Future.

In an effort to stem the high prices of its laptop line, Apple announced overhauled MacBool Pro models. The series received the most immediately noticeable upgrade in a return to a smaller form factor which has long been overdue. The 12 inch PowerBook replacement received these updates over its prior incarnation as a mere MacBook: a MacBook Pro quality screen, the reintroduction of a FireWire port and an SD card port. However, the 15-inch model was made redundant. Unless you need the speakers and the larger screen, there is no reason to opt for the more expensive middling model.

Indeed, it lost its second GPU, Express Card slot and recently, it has been uncovered that the SATA interface that controls internal bus speeds was downgraded to 1.5 G from the earlier supported 3.0 Gbit/second. Almost unanimously, Apple have thrashed its MacBook Pro line with cuts on prices, performance and expandability.

[via Computerworld]

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