Updated: OS 3.0 Available in Canada

news-iphoneos30Just watching a re-make of the Babylon 5 pilot episode (not really that good at all) and I got this tidbit when my iPod Touch plugged in for a bit of juice. According to iTunes, the download can take up to 30 minutes on a ‘typical broadband connection’. After agreeing to the upgrade, I had to agree to two sets of rules and regulations, but things are going smoothly.

news-os30-04 news-os30-051

The actual update is 257,8 MB and my connection estimates the file to be downloaded in 6 minutes. AppBank updated their iPod Touches earlier today, but the update was voided. I am hoping that the Canadian servers follow dates better. Anyway, get it while its hot. Remember to look at the 3.0 announcements to see what will be updated. Many app makers are updating their software to work with 3.0, so it may be everyone’s best interest to update.



That said, there is no harm in waiting. First generation software can be as malignant as first generation hardware. So far, preliminary browsing shows all functions intact, but with landscape mail working as well as: spotlight! Just swipe to the right from your home screen and the Spotlight function will pop up. This is the OS we should have had at first!




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