Monster Pinball in Review – Pinball With Big Surprises


The App Store has seen many genres of games released since it all began last year. For fans of pinball, perhaps from the old days of playing Space Cadet on their Windows computers, the App Store offers a few interesting titles such as Wild West Pinball and Freeballin’. Recently, a new challenger arrived to face the world. Its name: Monster Pinball.

One may wonder how the pinball experience works on an iDevice. Many note that the screen size is much too small to see a full table view like the old school arcade pinball machines. Face it; mobile gaming is, well, mobile. Developers make the most of these limits so that you can enjoy the game anywhere you go. Matmi shows this very clearly with Monster Pinball.

monsterpinball2 monsterpinball3

Some say Monster Pinball consists of six tables. Others say its one very large table divided into 6 sections. Whatever it is, the concept is unique and well implemented. These six tables are connected in a 3×2 grid, and the ball can travel between tables through holes or portals in each section. And the great thing is that you get a full view of the table your ball is on, so it’s very easy to focus on the game.

As with all pinball games, scoring just requires you to keep the ball alive and explore the table with the ball. Bonuses occur in Monster Pinball for creating combos such as lighting up a series of lights, or hitting a series of bumpers. Other features in the gameplay include Freeballs and Hotballs. Freeballs are limited in number and obtained by accessing certain areas on a table. These prevent the player from losing a ball when the ball falls down the gutter. Hotballs occur every time your score hits a multiple of 100,000 and you’ll score double the points as long as you keep the ball alive. Through the plethora of launchers, bumpers, lights, and flippers, the gameplay is solid and will satisfy the pinball fanatic.

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The graphics are polished and fresh. “Wacky” would describe the cartoon-like look of the monsters. Various effects occur with when you strike obstacles with your pinball, which is common for all pinball games. But Monster Pinball’s style makes the action humorous and enjoyable at the same time. The sound effects give the game an added touch, drawing you into the game. It’s fun to note that each time you enter another table, the name of the table is announced with a technoish voice. Also noted though, is the lack of background music. Personally, I think the addition of a well done soundtrack would get players rolling.

Controls are as easy as one, two, three. One, swiping down the screen activates the launch. Two, hitting the red buttons on the bottom of the screen will activate their respective flippers. Three, giving your device a quick tilt will activate the tilt to get you out of those tough spots. And finally the pause button, while invisible, is at the top left of the pinball screen. Who needs pausing in such an action filled pinball game though?


Monster Pinball sports a local and online high scores list to allow comparison with players around the world. Scores are saved from your games and the highest score on your local list can be uploaded to the server at any point in time, which is great news for iPod users who don’t have Wi-Fi connection everywhere. Games that are interrupted by calls, or perhaps your little brother hitting the home button, are saved on exit so you can continue your pinball spree afterwards.

Based on the great gameplay, replayability, graphics, and the fun factor, I give Monster Pinball a Grab It rating. If you’re looking for some quality pinball action on your iDevice, Matmi’s offering is as good as any at the App Store and won’t disappoint.


App Summary
Title: Monster Pinball (v1.0) Developer: Matmi
Price: $3.99 App Size: 10.4 MB
  • Amazing graphics and great sound effects.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Great replayability.
  • Global highscores.
  • No background music.
  • No objectives except to keep the ball alive.


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