Hello Kitty Fans, Our Favourite Kitten is almost 35 Years Old!


1 November 1974, Hello Kitty was born. For fans of the cute kitten, this is one of those ‘of course’ entries, but to the rest of you, get ready. To celebrate her birthday, AITIA corp. released Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary, an app that came before its time. With the greater part of 5 months left until she hits 36, there simply is not enough good and ‘cute’ hype to carry her to safely to her next birthday.

[Inspiration via AppBank]

AITIA, Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary, FREE, 5.4 MB
Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary

Rather, others seek to tarnish her name and in all probability have done so for all time. After a quick google, I found too many references to Hello Kitty’s seamier, darker side. Kitty has a huge and in fact, almost cultish following around the world. I cannot help but shivering slightly upon reading news that I durst not post on this yet untainted site.

Disclaimer: the following images are not for the young, religious or the fan who thinks Kitty to be the sweetest thing alive. Also, TMA does not endorse Cult of the Kitty though we are intrigued by the paint-job.


From Landover Baptist

Others are celebrating her birthday with violence. Indeed, it is not enough to venerate her; some extreme fans take up arms in her name.


Picture from the White Rabbit

It is sad that in the year of her 35th anniversary, our world has become so polluted as to carry her name to, as it were, hell. TMA can only pray that these are the works of pranksters and loafers who have too much time and red paint. As to Kitty: we celebrate you if only you are not our new dark lord. And to AITIA, thanks for your cute app that hopefully will not spawn 2009’s apocalypse.

  • hello kitty es lo + padre en el mundo yo tengo 8 años y mi mejor amiga es cristina me llamo ana bye

  • ana

    en mi otro mensaje soy ana la verdad soy ana bai !*#%^9()^$#4$@1! !qe

  • ana

    hola yo tengo 8 anos mi mejor amiga es cristy y hello kitty es lo+ padre en el mundo bai bye

  • Rene

    I cant beleive there isnt a million comments on this page! Adorable!

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