21 & Fun! In Review – Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


There is nothing like walking onto a casino floor. You can feel the excitement & electricity in the air. The dice tumbling across the craps table, the sound of the ball dropping onto the roulette wheel, the sweet smell of Jean Nate perfume filtering off of the group of 70 year old ladies who are flocked around the slot machines while their husbands puff away on their $2 cigars and stare at the scantily dressed waitresses -all beautiful sights and sounds as you walk to your destination…the blackjack table. What, you don’t like the way Jean Nate smells? You allergic to cigar smoke? Ok fine, here is a new twist to your classic blackjack and it’s called 21 & Fun for your iDevice.


The game plays as follows. You get one deck of cards and 4 lanes to place your cards. As you draw your cards, you must place them in one of the four lanes in an attempt to total 21. The values of the cards are as shown. Two thru ten are face value with Jacks, Queens and Kings worth a value of 10 apiece. The ever so famous “Ace” can be used as either 1 or 11. With that said, you also have another way of scoring : by that’s by totaling 21 or fewer points using 5 cards. If that’s not enough, you get 2 Wild Jokers which is an instant 21 in whichever lane regardless of what’s already compiled there. When achieving 21 or 5 cards, your lane clears and is open for a new run to begin.


When dealt your card, you can place your cards in any available lane, but there is an element of strategy given the fact you can’t bust over the total of 21. So, place your cards carefully but don’t take your sweet old time because there is a 2 minute timer for each game. As you play you will see your point meter located on your left side of the screen increase with each 21 you pull off. On the right side of the screen there is what’s called a streak multiplier which goes up when you run on a streak of 21’s.


To add some twists to the game, there is a so-called ‘mystery lane’ in which a score of 21 will add time to the clock. Each round, it changes. There is also an additional challenge called a pure 21. That is when you get a 21 which consists of an Ace with any face card or a 10. If you get a “pure 21” in each lane it will spell out the word “FUN!” and by doing that, the clock will be locked for the remainder of your current round and will expires when your deck runs out. If you do finish your deck, whatever time remains on your clock carries over to your next round.


There are 3 modes to play. You have your Play Classic mode which is self explanatory. There is Play Advanced where your lane totals are disabled. And, last but not least, there is the Play Expert mode in which the lane totals and mystery lanes are disabled. Another very cool feature to this game is stats! As you know, I am a stat junkie and for those of you who don’t know this about me: I am a stat junkie! With the stat feature it keeps record of 17 categories! Yes people, 17 statistical categories, a few of which are: games played, best score, longest 21 streak and most 21’s in a round. Factor that in with Local, Country and Worldwide Leaderboards plus the option to share your scores with friends on facebook and it looks like we have a winner!


App Summary
Title: 21 & FUN! (v1.10) Developer: Splashworks.com Inc
Price: $0.99 App Size: 5.6MB
  • Different take to your average Blackjack game
  • Various Game Modes
  • Extensive Stat Tracking
  • Multiple Leaderboards
  • After mastering each level, will the game bring you back for more?


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