Layar’s Augmented Reality on Android – Possible Cross-Platform via Appcelerator’s Titanium?

Layar, an interesting app that allows the simultaneous use of the GPS, camera and digital compass in Android phones like the G1 to give real-time digital information about a location. While not yet a Star Trek Tricorder or scanner, this app is shiveringly enticing. Available as of 1 June, it is clearly only an Android release, but if we know anything of software designers, there will be the same sort of software on the iPhone 3GS before too long and possibly, even from the same company.

Though the Layar app is not expected for the iPhone, the authors could theoretically make use of Appcelerator’s Titanium to port the Android app for use in the App Store and of course, hit a larger market. That said, Android will explode this year with number of users and platforms and perhaps, even make threatening ventures into the desktop and laptop space which currently is dominated by Microsoft and to a lesser extent, Apple.

[via 9to5Mac]

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