Iz She Expensive in Review and in the Spotlight


Some devs are into developing app and some into brainstorming ideas. Then, there are others like TNS, who haven’t had a sober night in months. They blur the lines of spontaneity and stupidity while failing breathalyser tests and pissing on cop’s legs. Iz She Expensive? is off the charts and struggling on the floor in terms of quality and production value. Overconfident poise, however, they have by the bin.

Before I bite too hard, I will admit that this app is far better than the dazed Nothing of several months back. At least Iz She Expensive is not falsely advertising its services. If you don’t remember, I was upset at Nothing for its over-the-top claims that it literally did nothing. Rather, it was full of graphical slides, an interactive UI and ‘clever’ quotations – indeed, more content than many other apps. Far from the void that would have made a clever joke, and at 99 cents, an almost worthy joke buy.

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With nary a menu to its name, Iz She Expensive? drinks your 99 cents in return for the author’s rants. Here is the review in a nutshell: you pwess buttons a fyu times to see iff yo’ gf or so (significant other) is rippin’ yo’ off o’ iz the shizzle! TNS (whoever s/he or they is/are) obviously carry a chip on their shoulder, but that is no reason to pay the 99$ to become an official publishing dev and market an app that has neither polish nor purpose.

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The app tries to determine if your gal is expensive by your answers to about 15 questions. Does she go tanning? Does she carry her purse from the elbow? Does she buy imported cocktails? Does she like camping? (Yes, that is one of the questions). These are not quotes – merely very close approximations to what is asked in the app. On the record, camping involves a lot of time, effort and money, especially if you live in the city. My wife and I need Japanese BBQ when ‘ruffing’ it, a car and camping passes. If anyone can explain on which side of the fence camping sits, I will be so appreciative!

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Have I ranted enough?  Have I cared enough to make my own thoughts clear? If not, it does not matter. Iz She Drunk or whatever it is called hasn’t consistent enough logic to warrant its price, stolen photos and marketing time. TNS need to spend a bit more time with Objective-C and less time in front of a glass to make an app that is worth it. There are so many apps of varying degrees of quality at the App Store and unfortunately, this one falls in with the likes of Nothing and Yes Ma’am.

I hate to give this rating and rarely give it, but Iz She Expensive is not worth more than a wipe and never will be if the devs continue to aim so low. And yet, Iz She Expensive does tackle some great issues. I mean had I known that my wife was a keeper before meeting her, I would have kept here earlier? By the way, the reverse works on males too. Evidently, I am a bit expensive.


App Summary
Title: Iz She Expensive? (V 1.0) Developer: TNS Team
Price: $0.99 App Size: 1.3 MB
  • Better than Yes Ma’am
  • The app is a rant
  • The photos are taken from google image
  • Where’s the logic?
  • Why release homework like this? Spend time developing something that will satisfy you and people in the App Store, even if it is just a silly app – this is honestly appalling


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