iPhone and Android Play Nice – Appcelerator’s Titanium fuses the combatant’s in a bond of love

g1-and-iphone-love-you-manGoogle’s Android platform, open source and relatively new, is a force to be reckoned with. So is the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut. Both are based on *NIX operating systems that have desktop niches and conceivably could be ported to just about any hardware with a CPU (and conceivably, even the iPhone). Philosophically of course, they are very different. MacOS X’ roots are open source with the project called Darwin, but Apple are often about as community friendly as the RIAA. Google, ever the stealth operator, expand even into our streets without so much as a hissyfit (unless you live in the UK).

The two platforms are however, incompatible. Developers who cannot afford to develop for both platforms have to make a choice. It isn’t feasible for many to spend the time, energy and money to code, debug and beta test for both. With such a dilemma in mind, Appcelerator set out to create a happy medium by which developers could release simultaneous projects. The name of that project is Titanium. It is open source and available under the Apache Public Licence v2.

Take a look at Appcelerator’s homepage for more information.

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