Are you ready for OS 3.0? – The iPhone Dev Team and ultrasn0w are!


If you are an avid Jailbreaker, get ready for The iPhone Dev Team’s latest and greatest, just don’t expect it too early. Currently, the team have managed to officially unlock OS 3.0 on the carrier side, but they won’t release it too soon as Apple might throw a last-minute spanner into the works. In any case, the video shows the unlocked 3G and explains briefly the baseband unlock.

The video proves that the Phone is using an unlocked 3.0 as the dev shows all pertinent information in the video. Also, the mysterious dev is using T-Mobile rather than AT&T and in the video, we witness the first call taken by the new Jailbreaked iPhone (tears). The actual unlock will be much more automatic in final release and will be ready by Friday, 19 June. Some Dev Team lingo to remember: inject, baseband, thing, populated 😉

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