Apple Giveth and Apple Taketh Away Again – OS 3.0 comes and goes for Japanese iPods


Appbank’s blog noted that 3.0 was available for download earlier today which was promptly eaten up by its administrator for 1200円. After paying out the goodly amount and updating, however, the iPod Touch remained with version 2.2. This is not an isolated report. At least three people at Appbank received news that 3.0 had debuted. After downloading however, their iPods also showed that 2.2, not 3.0 was installed.

Now, Apple Japan’s site shows the above banner with the disconcerting news that the update will not be available to the island nation until the 18th with the following message:

新しいiPhone 3.0 Software Update for iPod touchをダウンロードして、ビデオを見たり、ゲーム遊んだり、音楽を聴くのがいっそう楽しくなる新機能を手に入れましょう.ソフトウエアアップデートをダウンロード。6月18日開始。

It seems we may be shy on reports of early adoption out of Asia this time!  And heark, what is that? Did Apple’s page make a blogger’s mistake of not capitalising the ‘t’ in iPod Touch?

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