Vay in Review – Oldschool RPG Nostalgia + 2 Promo Codes!

vay_review1I picked Vay up in the hopes of returning to my childhood memories of playing turn-based RPGs: a need for nostalgia.

Vay’s story begins when Prince Heibelger (the main character) is about to marry a beautiful lady with a mysterious past, but during the wedding, the castle is stormed by the army of Danek (The staple bad guy) with technology too great for the defenses. A lot of people were killed that day, including some very close to Heibelger. But, his bride’s kidnapping seemingly was the entire purpose of the attack. Now what about the bride did the Danek want so badly? Heibelger vows to get her back, and take out vengeance on the Danek Empire.

App Description/Features:

  • The 1994 cult classic RPG returns with updated widescreen graphics and touchscreen controls.
  • User selectable difficulty makes this title great for both beginners and RPG veterans
  • Compelling and engrossing story
  • Nearly ten minutes of animated cutscenes
  • Auto-save feature allows you to play in small increments
  • Over 100 enemies and a dozen challenging bosses
  • Over 90 expansive areas to explore


But, the only hope in defeating the awesome technology of Danek lies in powerful armor. So powerful it is that it nearly destroyed the world long ago – so Heibelger embarks to find this armor though it is hidden and locked by many keys and fastidiously guarded. Throughout the story, there is some character development, and some dialogue between the party members which adds to the overall gameplay, but I didn’t find myself too terribly upset when a party member was killed (unlike how I felt when Aeris was killed by Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7).

The graphics are alright, somewhere in between Final Fantasy 6 and 7. The characters are ‘cutsy’, with oversized feet. There are some cut-scenes throughout the game, but they are a bit too anime-ish for me to really get into – like an otaku cartoon. The quests and assignments are generally easy to complete with only one place that was hard to figure out how to pass. If you get stumped, don’t worry: the NPCs tell you what you are supposed to do next, but Vay is more full of action rather than puzzles and thinking games.

vay_review4I set Vay to medium difficulty, and besides one point in the game wherein I went out ill-prepared, and my party twice died of petrification, the fights and even bosses aren’t all that challenging. The music in any RPG is fairly important to me, as it sets the atmosphere. Vay’s music isn’t anything memorable (like Final Fantasy), but it does the job and I have nothing to complain about.

Of course, as a typical RPG, Vay is full of leveling up, buying armor, HP and MP. If you are familiar with old school RPGs, you will find it easy to adapt to this game’s playing style. Vay has been entertaining and with only one major drawback: the menus. The drilldown goes down a few layers, and when I want to change another character’s armor, well that requires drilling back up, and the drilling down into the other character’s menus. It is tiring to say the least.

vay_review2Well, did it fulfil my need for RPG nostalgia? Sort of, though it’s not quite the same level as Final Fantasy 6. Would I recommend Vay for the iDevice? If you enjoy linear turn based RPG games, then this’ll keep you entertained for some time. The slightly higher price tag of $4.99 may turn off some players, but if you were a fan of the original game from back in the Sega CD days or have always wanted to give it a go, you’ll  enjoy what this blast from the past has to offer.

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App Summary
Title: Vay (v1.2.1) Developer: SoMoGa, Inc
Price: $4.99 App Size: 71.2 MB
  • Simple story and gameplay
  • Controls are easy to learn
  • Great time killer
  • Decent FMVs (even if a bit Otakuish)
  • No real challenges
  • Drill down menus can take a while


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