Prey Invasion Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

preyinvasion_promo1FPS fans listen up! TouchMyApps is giveaway 5 copies of  Prey Invasion, one of the best first person shooters the iPhone/iPod has to offer. If you’ll recall, Prey became an instant hit with gamers back in 2006 when it was first released for the PC and Xbox 360 for its refreshing and unique gameplay elements. Published by Hands-On Mobile for the iDevice, Prey Invasion was built specifically for the platform and isn’t just a half baked port of the original. TMA’s Jim reviewed the game and found it immensely enjoyable. “Prey Invasion looks great, runs very smoothly, and controls well…I’d definitely recommend Grabbing It”.

For a chance to take home a copy of Prey Invasion, simply leave a comment and let TMA know what your favorite First Person Shooter is of all time and why (any platform). Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close June 18th @ 10am EST.

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Thanks for all the comments folks. Some of you came up with some great FPSes, even one or two I can’t even recall ever playing or hearing about (Blood). As for my top three FPS? (no particular order)

  • Far Cry (PC)
  • Half Life 2
  • COD series

On to the winners! Congrats to the following for winning a copy of Prey Invasion, courtesy of Hands-On Mobile:

Tim, Qasim, @SteveNake, atseng and Abster.

Thanks again all and to the lucky 5, enjoy Prey!

  • SteveNaka

    Fav. of all time?…im gonna have to go with some of the older UT mods. Like the beta version of Tactical Ops.

  • Rick

    Nice giveaway!!

    Doom is probably still my fav fps series of all time. Prey was a good one too on my 360. Good times.

  • I believe Quake 3 is my favorite FPS. Very fast, very simple, but perfectly tuned and impossible to master.

  • Fav FPS game of all time is without a doubt Halo. Good fun with friends. It’s what got me into FPS games.

  • Raoupp

    The FPS I played the most is probably Blood (any fans here?) with Duke Nukem 3d right behind.

  • Jeremy

    Halo 3 without of doubt because of the awesome online play

  • Manny

    Definitely not an easy task choosing just one. There have been so many great great FPSs over the years. One I really did enjoy was GoldenEye 007 for the N64. I still remember playing multiplayer on it with friends for hours and hours. That don’t seem to make em like they used to anymore. Ah, good ol times :)


  • Manny

    Wow. That’s a game I haven’t thought about in zonks. I remember playing it on my friend’s PC and thought it was pretty good. If I recall, it was fairly violent… but I mean, aren’t they all?! 😉

  • Qasim

    Hmm.. Favorite FPS eh?

    This is a bit difficult, but I am gonna have to go with a classic: Wolfenstein.

    I mean, who doesn’t love Wolfenstein!? It began the era of FPS and I love it on my iPod Touch! It is amazing, fun, and has a great concept/story!

    I hope I win Prey, as I do really wish to play this game! Thanks for the oppurtunity! :)

  • GkCHN

    I’ve heard some great things about Prey Invasion even though I’ve never been fan of FPS games. I think the FPS I’ve ever played for more than one hour is Combat Arms.

    In favour of letting the FPS fans have a better chance, I’ll abstain from entering the contest.

  • greenhornet9

    My favorite FPS is definitely Halo. Great balance in the multiplayer and it never gets old.

  • Zach

    I’d have to say that my favorite is 007:Nightfire for ps2!!
    You could play the multiplayer with your friends all day!

  • Bessamy

    Unreal Tournament on the PC!!! Followed by Halo XBox.

  • Obviously, I work here (and reviewed Prey), so I don’t want to be entered into the contest – but I did want to say two things. First, some great choices above – some that I’d even forgotten. I loved Nightfire, great Bond game.

    But my favorite FPS was Medal of Honor: Frontline on the PS2. It’s cliche by now, but the landing at Normandy was just incredible – I played that level on every difficulty setting until I could beat each, just because. Just a great game.

  • I am such a simple fellow that my fav of all time still happens to be unreal tourney from 1999. That game keeps me twitching so much. I was not bad at it, but my skills are far from l33t

  • Kent

    Got to be DOOM … mother of all FPS … although the Call of Duty series are getting better in each installment.

  • Tim


    maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I still love N64’s Goldeneye. I think that’s the FPS I’ve played the most– even if it was back in middle school.

  • Igoo

    Call of Duty 4. No question.

  • bournecain

    Medal of Honor- Allied Assault. The scenario of Ohama Beach was the best and it was the most fun campaign to play. This was what my computer supported then and still and does now. Running behind it are Max Payne and Quake 4.


  • Xaeolus

    For me, no matter what FPS I play, the original Quake for PC tops it all (because it was my first FPS). Game play was amazing and I use to play it with my cousin all the time, so good family bonding time.

  • mikeman118

    I really enjoyed 007 Nightfire as well for the Gamecube

  • Abster

    The best FPS ever is definitely the one and only Duke Nukem. It spread across college dorm rooms like wildfire in late 90s and multi-playa game has never been the same! :)

  • pitbull

    Call of duty 4! Best mutiplayer and fun singleplayer

  • appfan

    Call of Duty series. Though like pitbull said, COD4 is still the bomb. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gerry

    Actually, I really enjoyed Prey on my 360 a few years back. The graphics were top notch and the gameplay was good too. I would say Prey(360) and Half Life 2 (PC) are my favorite FPS. Can’t wait to play Prey Invasion on my soon to be iphone 3GS!

  • sam

    i don’t think anything can even come close to Counter Strike for me. Sure it doesn’t have the best graphics or even gameplay, but the multiplayer part keeps me playing to this day (7 years already and I’m still loving it!)


  • PicaMew

    Metroid Prime Corruption for Wii!

  • atseng

    Hmm.. 1 favorite. That’s fairly difficult to do. I would say my 3 favorites are Halo 1 (on original Xbox – we networked linked, it was awesome playing 4 on 4) because of its storyline and multi-team play. TF2 (PC) also have tons of replay value because of team play. And lastly, Half Life 2 (PC) because of the graphics and amazing storyline. If I had to pick one, it’s probably Halo 1.

  • Daniel Novoa

    I’ve had the best times with Counter Strike 1.6 On my PC in my opinion It’s the best, I also own Prey For My 360 And It’s Pretty Good. I would like to have the chance to play it on my Ipod Touch.I want to know if this is the real true first FPS for the iphone

  • Pivot

    Quake 1 to be quite honest. It was my first online shooter, and even though connecting to servers or doing anything was done through such archaic means, it still holds a special place for me. I remember reading the Team Fortress website, waiting for them to release each new build for it. The grapple and CTF made Quake 1 even better.

  • Noirer

    This is first time I check your site out. Very nice and i bookmark already :)

    Best FPS of all time? My favorite is Halo. That game was one got me into first person shooter and i love it so much. I still play Halo 3 at least few times a week. Prey looks good on iphone and would be nice to have fps in my pocket!

  • Pierre

    Quake and Unreal Tournament series. Nothing else comes close for me!

  • SteveNaka

    After playing I have to say, this game is pretty damn good. The graphics quality in my opinion screams “3d realms”. Which isn’t an insult. If you’ve ever been a fan of their games you feel right at home visually. The controls are pretty good and the accuracy (although simplified at times) is pretty spot on. Difficulty does increase throughout the game (as it should) but does not diminish the games overall playability (i dont think thats an actual word). In my opinion I would give this game 4/5 stars and agree with Jim Haley’s recommendation to “Grab It” If your an oooold school fps fan. Then you will be pleased. Thanks again for the PC Louis, and keep up the good work TMA.

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