Make Backups of Your iPod Touch/iPhone – Lesson Learned from 2008


There were signs that my iPod’s software was going south about 2 days ago. It would no longer let me sync the apps I downloaded in 2008 like the excellent TouchGrind. Then I could not update anything and even after reboots, it would exit out of some apps. Sadly, I am not as smart as my parents had gambled I would become. The Gattaca-style gene selection programme I was put through when still in the womb failed.

Today, I am the proud owner of an iPod Touch that is as functional as it was in about November of last year – the last time I really backed up my software. While not overly dire, I have lost all of my progress in games that take a few hours: The Sims, Zenonia and my favourite, The Quest. Had I been smart enough to constantly backup my iPod using the handy secondary-click of my mouse in iTunes, I would be the proud owner of an iPod that just works as it did yesterday or the day before.


Sadly, my progress in eBook Reader Pro is gone too. I’ll have to manually find the spot in the giant volume, Last of the Mohicans again – though I was half considering to abandon the book as it just drags on and on and, as was typical of English canon of the time period, is racist and self-serving. At least, however, I found out that it is a far cry from the sappy romance that burns in fans’ minds as the 1992 remake by Michael Mann.

Anyway, as a last word: use the backup tool in iTunes if you don’t have your iPod set to automatically sync. I have about 150GB of music collected from CD’s that stacked without cases, can nearly stretch to my height. I also store some music losslessly, but don’t bother so much. The biggest part of my collection? Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance Radio Show. Damn, that is fine work.

  • Matthew

    Heya Shigz, I feel your pain! Not too long ago I had to restore my iPhone for the first time ever because the screen would not turn on even though my iPhone was fully charged. Boy, was that a heartbreaker and a royal pain in the neck. I have over 1,000 apps and they all got mixed up and I lost all my app progress. It was terrifying! I spent at least 9 hours syncing my iPhone trying to get everything back to normal.

  • gamble


  • Matthew, I had the same issue.

    Couldn’t revive my iPod Touch, i thought it got bricked in the point of no return and it was just a month old.

    kept it switched off the whole day, and when i switched it on it was blank. Connected it with the cable to iTunes.

    Looked for some answers on Google and found out i could restore, to my horror all the apps i had downloaded over couple of weeks got Deleted.

    I had some good Scores stored in the games and its was hard to find similar apps from the US store.

    This was a real pain to see a new iPod Touch have such problems.

  • Back when I was jailbreaking, I had some similar problems. I know it has nothing to do with jailbreaking (though Apple will make you think so), but it freaked me out. It was the first expensive audio purchase I had made since 2003 and my DR7 MD Recorder (lovely).

    In 2007, apps of course, were only available via Installer and later, Cydia. Everything worked out well in the end and I am the proud owner of the steel-backed 2G which is one of my favourite DAP units of all time.

    Nitish: I hope all is well with your equipment mate.

  • GkCHN

    I saw this post and immediately went to back-up my iPod. Last time I did so was around last year…

    And yeah, I don’t think jailbroken devices have anything to do with the device playing dead. Apple influences people away from it because they think it’s illegal.

  • greenhornet9

    Does anyone know if we will be able to restore settings from our old iphones to the new iphone 3gs?

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