AT&T – New 3G and 3GS customers cannot make use of GoPhone Pre-paid service


Not that we had expected much less – AT&T won’t be support tethering to your laptop when OS 3.0 debuts on the 17th of this month despite upgrades to their network. Still, better in many ways than the Canadian Rogers Corp., there was the slightest of hopes that the American Telecom giant would play nicer to its customers with OS 3.0 and the 3GS debut. As it turns out, even grandfathered GoPhone plans are subject to AT&T’s arbitrary decisions.

Daniel Burkholder, a TUAW reader tipped the website about AT&T’s divine new PR initiative.

The message reads:

AT&T Free MSG: A new software upgrade for iPhone will be available on 6/17. This upgrade may affect your data service. Please visit or call 800-901-9878 for a representative. If you download the software and are not on an approved iPhone data plan, your data service will be interrupted.

Regarding such a move, it is probably time for handset customers and hardware vendors like Apple to take note of AT&T’s slimy tactics. If the iPhone is to gain greater significance as a mobile device, it needs freedom in the hands of customers, not a hamstrung plan at the hands of a patronising provider.

As I mentioned this morning, America’s mobile services lag when compared to many other countries. Partially, it is the result of the physical size of the country – people don’t interact with others as often as they are in cars, but more so, large corporations are petrified of change as they are not constructed for it. With such stagnation in its birthplace, the iPhone will languish as a platform unable to stretch its legs. In order for the iPhone to really service mobile customers, it has to be given freedom and the infrastructure of the internet needs revolution to cater to handheld devices and the mobile internet rather than sticking to its tawny desktop roots. When that happens and when companies begin to look beyond small policies, a true mobile revolution will occur.

[via TUAW]

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