Free iPhone Developer’s Course from Stanford


Not a direct market for this series, but certainly intrigued, I downloaded the entire 23-volume set of Stanford’s Monday and Wednesday classes aimed at providing students with the tools they need to get going as iPhone developers. There are many courses an aspiring dev can take and most are quite costly. Standford’s video series aims to alleviate one of the most immediate concerns: money.

Stanford iTunes U – iPhone Application Programming

Stanford have a large selection of their educational volumes for download at the App Store which is a relief to would-be-students and earphone-scholars, but this release is perhaps the most immediately pragmatic of all and, at over 1 million downloads, the most popular.

Or course, merely downloading and watching these videos won’t mean that after 10 weeks you will rise in the morning to Tim Horton’s coffe and in the evening, fly to Columbia for the fresh stuff. You must come to the table with experience in the iPhone’s language of choice: objective C, a lot of patience and even the realisation that failure is more often than not, an outcome. That aside, this course may help the shy and aspiring developer learn some good tricks and refresh the SDK-elitist’s constantly-evolving catalogue of study.

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