Return to Mysterious Island – Walkthrough in the Wild!


If you are like me and cannot tell your head from your tail especially when it comes to adventure games, you need a bit of help. Tetraedge, developer of RTMI have put together a wonderful walkthrough for us iPhone players with excellent pictures and a very helpful map. It is a long PDF, so put away your Baud 28.8kbps modems and strap on your 56.6kbps ultraspeed, because this may be a bumpy ride.

Tetraedge (Chillingo), Return to Mysterious Island, 4.99$, 263MB
Jules Verne's Return To Mysterious Island

In the meantime, be sure to read the entire review of RTMI and of course, follow the contest @ twitter for a great chance to win a promo code for the game.

Walkthrough (PDF – hosted at Tetraedge HQ)

Twitter Contest – RT Follow @TouchMyApps to win a copy of Chillingo’s Return to Mysterious Island. shigzeo’s review:

  • Whats with the PDF ?

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  • Isabella

    Am unable to thow or drop bamboo into hot spring to get pass the mad monkey. Need Help!!!!

  • Monica

    Forget about droping the bamboo, fix the cage & put the snake in the cage then bring the snake back to the monkey to scare it away

  • Monica

    Anyone know how to finish loading the cannon?

  • maria

    where is the medicinal plant for the 2nd rememdy? and how do you get it?

  • Gaea

    How in the world do you make soap in this version? I can’t find dry seaweed and I can’t dry the wet seaweed.

  • Gaea

    nails, powder and cannon ball then click around the circle till it closes.

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  • AJ

    I can’t get the clay to go on the pottery wheel! What am I doing wrong? Please help me!

  • Meara

    Well, you need the clay in your hold-hand and then push the upper makething. Then the one under that one.

    I can’t make them hard @ the fire!

  • Meara

    Anyone knows where to get the firewood?

  • madii

    where do you find the shot? is it in the granite house? or somewhere else?

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  • KITTY34229

    help! i am at the point of feeding jeb so i can move further in the game. i only need to feed him the brown fibers and insides i guess of the brown coconut. the problem is i ate it earlier in the game.. i fed him everything else……..what do i do? i went back to beach no more coconuts. in beginning i got one green and 2 brown and ate them all. NOW WHAT? he got both medicines, fruits.. i went to walk thru and it says he needs fibers from coconut ..where and how please

  • it drys up on its own

  • HELP! i need to find out how to do this i am on the notllas and there is this code thing that gives you new numbers to code PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the sling shot is made up of forked stick and rubber sap.

  • its at the valcano

  • adrianne

    help i dont know where the cage is to catch the snake and i put the seal skin on the thing near the fire i fixed and it disappeared. also how do i help the monkey i dont hav a containor either. HELP PLZ!

  • adrianne

    how do u fix the cage?

  • and ADOBE document duh!

  • Thanks for your Precious Information.

    PDF – Portable Document File, guess you missed that.

  • Peekaboo73

    Help I am at the Nautilus and need to answer the robots riddles. The walkthrough states to just point in the direction of the answer (what does this mean on an iphone). I have tried lots of things and nothing happens. Could someone explain what to do. No symbols show and I tap the screen. Thanks

  • Louis

    Hi there,

    You can check out TETRAEDGE’s support forum right here:

    Just sign up as a member and ask your question in the Return to Mysterious
    Island forum. The support team over there can point you in the right

  • person

    so i basically need to get rubber from the tree and it kinda wont let me. plus therre was supposed to be a bush that had medical herbs,but i cant find it…… help!

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