Find My Phone – Works till a Thiefed!


I am not sure that I spelled ‘thiefed’ correctly. I was going for a gansta approach and even if I did not spell ‘tief’ correctly, I am fully assured in my own mind that shigzeo is a gansta. Well, if you are a gansta and want to steal the iPhone, but worried that the Find My Phone might deter yo’ best effats (how’s dat?), look no further than this clever bit of snooping from da giz.

The whole process involves a few slides and taps and assumes that the poor soul whom you tiefed has no passcode lock. Even so, there are only 9999 combinations for that code, so if you really want the information inside his/her phone, get out your pencil and start entering some numbers.

Anyway, catch yo’ l8tr when we goes to the docks and rustles up some Russian’s, yeah?

[via Gizmodo]

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