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cardninja1What does it take to be a ninja? It takes speed, power, agility, stealth, and the mastery of a butt-load of weapons. What does it take to be a Card Ninja? 99 cents and an iDevice… and trust me, a Card Ninja you would want to be.

cardninja2Like it’s Asian counterpart, Card Ninja requires the decisive, hand/eye coordination needed to be a true master. According to the website:

“Card Ninja features unique game play in which you flick cards at matching targets, balancing speed with accuracy as you try to improve your Ninja ranking. Card Ninja begins as a deceptively simple matching game with killer sound effects and a fast tempo… This addictive game will soon become a test of your peripheral vision, short-term memory and the key Ninja skill, your finger flicking speed.”

Some aspects of Card Ninja include:

  • Earn bonuses for beating the timer.
  • Take care to hit targets an avoid causing chaos in the dojo kitchen
  • Gather enough cards to progress to higher levels and earn a higher Ninja ranking
  • “Good” wildcards offer card bonuses while “Evil” wildcards can inflict extreme damage to your card count – learn their clues well and you may succeed.

cardninja3So then, what exactly is this game and how do you play?

When you begin Card Ninja, you are greeted with a circle that has a stack of cards on it. Each card has a specific symbol and color. Your task is to flick the cards to its appropriate destination within the allotted amount of time. There is a specific quota of cards that you have to meet for each challenge. Your score count becomes negatively affected if you either flick the card to the wrong destination, the card doesn’t pass over the line, or if you don’t lift your finger off the card before you go outside the circle. (That last one is tricky because in your attempt at flicking the cards fast, you will be tempted to hold onto them for longer than you should)

cardninja4What makes this game fun and difficult at the same time are the various objective. At the beginning of each challenge, you are greeted with the quota you need to match and the specific task to accomplish. These tasks includes things such as matching the same color only, matching the same symbol, and hitting the moving targets. The difficulty level also rises with an increase of targets as you progress in the game.

That’s where the fun comes in. It’s as perfect of a blend of memory, simon says, and those hand eye coordination games as you can find in the App Store. It is such a simple concept, but one that will get you hooked again and again.

The best part is, you can save your game between Challenges. This is perfect for spot sessions with the game.

The few negative complaints I do have is that there is no difficulty modes. If I lose and have to start all over, there are many early levels that I would not want to go over again. By adding a difficulty mode, I would be able to amp up the excitement at a faster pace.

cardninja5Card Ninja is definitely one of the more innovative games I’ve played recently. It combines simplicity and difficulty that befits the philosophy of a true Ninja warrior. All of this is wrapped up in pleasant graphics and sound… although I have to say that the effects were very stereotypical of what Ninja sounds are thought to be.

In the fierce competitive world of the App Store, this is one contender to look out for.


App Summary
Title: Ninja Card (v1.0) Developer: Pint Sized Mobile
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.0 MB
  • Great Mock-Ninja Action
  • Innovative
  • Great Re-Playability
  • Early Stages Too Tedious
  • No Difficulty Selection Mode


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