App Store Compatibility – 3G vs 3GS


Yesterday, I discussed the reason that the 3GS must have the SGX version of Imagination’s PowerVR graphics rather than recycling the MBX chipset of the current iDevice.  Today, I came across an interesting but small read from Engadget which outlines reasons that we may see an even more segmented App Store.

The new 3GS will of course support 2.0 and be hardware compatible with 1.1. But, games are not so lucky. In order to still look pretty on our shiny devices, a developer will either have to code two different compatibility layers into their software, or in a worst-case scenario, focus all their energies on one platform. This will take its toll on devs who haven’t the resources to code for both versions of Open GL.

Of course, many games are not reliant on 3D graphics or Open GL calls. However, the 3GS, touting the fastest yet processor and GPU in the iDevice range will exert influence on current and newer apps find breathing room with the faster processor and double the ram.

As Engadget are quick to point out, “it was bound to happen”, meaning that with constant improvements in the hardware world, software cannot continually support the same platform. Of course, we will see how this pans out in the App Store and if it premium games will have the sway to lure users of older hardware to pay up to play.

[via Engadget]

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