Amative Rush in R-R-r-review – Bloody Brunettes!


There are a plethora of silly 99 cent games at the app store and this is no acception. In Amative Rush, you take the flying shoes of Peter down a very very long street to get your first love back from an absolute Jerk.

Why did Eva dump you? No one is sure, maybe not even Peter or Eva. But, it is your job to get her back.

To do it, you will have to tough through 20 levels of running, dodging garbage, tyres, birds, manhole covers and other objects. It is accomplished via tilting the ipod to run either left or right and tapping, to jump over obstacles. Every once in a while, Eva will toss you a bit of heart to replenish your life and keep you running for another level.

Amative Rush is cute. Featuring silky smooth animation and pixel-perfect vector graphics, this silly game is a feast for the eyes. Even when acrobating your way around the stage, there are no stutters and crash graphics are fantastic. It is not however, a feast for the ears. At 99 cents, I did not expect much, but a tune here and there would help counter the the repetitive sound effects produced from garbage and Peter’s movements.

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Despite its low price bracket and lack of depth, Amative Rush is fun. Cute, fun and funny. It is not my sort of game, but when played with someone like your significant other, it is captivating. Neither of us has laughed this much when playing a game since Monsters and I expect that we won’t again for some time. Sometimes it is hard to laugh, however. When Peter falls, you lose some of your life and get that much closer to losing the game, but he cartwheels out of the scene hilariously. It is pleasure and pain.

What can I liken it to? Super Mario Brothers meets Jungle Book meets GTA? No, I think I am quite wrong there. Well, for 99 cents, Amative rush is a very well-made game. Cute graphics, tight gameplay and humour keep Amative Rush worthwhile of your dollar. However, it may be a game best played with someone either young, or like my wife, easily amused. It would be ever so nice if CDE added some music, a leaderboard, a bit of variation – the usual suspects. If you are prepared to play silly something, check out Amative Rush, but don’t expect it to be something it is not: a true platformer.

Amative Rush gets Tapped by TouchMyApps.


App Summary
Title: Amative Rush (V 1.1) Developer: CDE
Price: $0.99 App Size: 3.2 MB
  • Cute Graphics
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Funny when played with someone else
  • No variation
  • no music
  • no story


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