Sweetwater Defense Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

sweetwaterdefense_promo1TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of the newly released TD game “Sweetwater Defense“. Developed by Wearbear Games, their first foray into App Store is a Tower Defense title with a pirate twist. Unlike the earlier hit 7 Cities TD (another pirate themed TD), WearBear’s entry features some “sweet” 3D graphics and a unique Rewind feature that will allow players to jump back to previous states of a map to try again. If the TD genre is your cup of tea and you enjoy dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow every halloween, then Sweetwater is for you.

To win a copy of Sweetwater Defense, simply let us know what your favorite Tower Defense game(s) are on the iDevice and why. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close June 14th @ 11pm EST.

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Thanks for the comments everyone! Without further ado, congrats to the follow 5 lucky winners for a copy of Sweetwater Defense:

@raopp, kent, Gabriel, @JayCristo80,  GkCHN

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we have 5 codes for Prey Invasion to giveaway!!!!!

App Description:
Sweetwater Defense brings the tower defense genre to a whole new level: Deep tactical gameplay, stunning 3D-graphics, unique time-control features, an original soundtrack and over 25 maps will bring your phone to its limits and keep you entertained for weeks and weeks.

Pirate fleets and monstrous sea creatures are threatening your coast and only you can save it. Build a mighty defense of towers, each with unique strengths and abilities to protect your lands. Balance their powers to prevail against various threats from above and below the surface of the sea.
Sweetwater Defense features time control to fluently fast-forward or slow down the game’s speed in any situation. The unique Rewind mechanism allows you to jump to previous states of a map to try again, adding a puzzle-like quality to the gameplay.


  • Stunning 3D-graphics:
    – Huge animated bosses
    – Particle effects
    – Six different tilesets
  • More than 25 levels:
    – 6 easy levels to get into the game
    – 11 medium levels to practice your skills
    – 10 hard levels to show what you’re made of
  • 7 tower types with special abilities
  • 11 different enemies
  • Unique Time-slider and Rewind features
  • Soundtrack with six original tracks

  • jacksonitup

    My favorite td game is geodefense because its really hard and there are a ton of levels. I love a good challenge and i like the retro graphic style.

  • Raoupp

    As a poster above I have to state that my favorite td game is by far geoDefense with its amazing visuals, sounds but most of all really challenging and longlasting gameplay. While other td games bored me after awhile, this one did not.

  • JSmith

    I haven’t played too many tds before. Bought fieldrunners last year and found it enjoyable. Played TapDefense as well (free) and thought it was ok.

    Sweetwater defense does look like it will be a pretty good one. Good luck everyone!

  • samir

    I loved 7 cities TD for its pirate theme and great 2D artwork as visuals, so I’m hoping that sweetwater defense will be just as good. can’t wait to try it out!

  • Irene

    I love Creeps as it is the only tower defense game that is cute and adorable. The graphics and sound are equally good. I love the funny noises the enemies make when I destroy them.

  • Mike C.

    Do Castle Defenses count? If so, I’m gonna say Knights onrush. If its TD strictly speaking, I’ll go with Sentinel (love the scifi theme)

    The mulligan aspect of sweetwater does intrigue me though.

  • VoodooVyper

    I like GeoDefense because it offers the most in diversity and has plenty of levels to keep busy with. A main weakness in TD games seems to be the lack of levels, which SWD does not seem to have.

  • Jeremy

    The Creeps, because it is very fun, addicting and unique especially with the new update

  • mikeman118

    My favorite TD game would have to be either Fieldrunners or Sentinel

  • My Favorite tower defense game is “Tap Defense”, only one kind of game which is free and has good amount of levels.

    Would love to play such games in 3D realistic Graphics.

  • GkCHN

    It’s really hard to choose a favourite TD, as there are so many polished versions in the App Store. If I had to choose out of the ones I’ve played, I would probably pick… 7 Cities for the fun factor. Mainly due to the concept of ships invading cities because I love pirate themed stuff. Hence why I’m interested in this TD game. More ships! More pirates! Arrrr.

  • Kent

    I’ve played tons of TD games but the best thus far is TapDefense. Not only it is free, but it has a lot of replay value, maps, upgrades, enemies, and play levels. I can’t wait to try Sweetwater if I win it :)

  • Servetovictory

    Defender Chronicles is my favorite hands downove the rpg elements.

  • Bessamy

    My very favorite tower defense is GeoDefense. I just love everything about it. It is very difficult, colorful, and the retro graphic style can’t be beat. The fireworks begin and don’t stop till you win or you have to play again.

    The next in line is 7 Cities. I love how the upgrades change the look of the towers and the grapics are just beautiful.

    I hope Sweetwater Defense gives them a run for it.

  • Bill Riley

    There are so many good tower defenses out at the app store. Though its quite hard to say which is the best out there, my top two are geodefense – for its challenge factor – and creeps – for its style and fun gameplay.

    Sweetwater seems to be a 7 cities type TD but with upgraded grafix. Would love to try this one out

  • turboJ

    Fav TD is still Fieldrunners! Needs more updates though.

    SWD seems interesting enough

  • Zach

    Fieldrunners – I love how you can build your own maps and layouts!

    The Creeps – I like the cartoony style and the use of the accelerometer with the “special” towers

    Geodefense – The amazing graphics and effects!

  • Jason

    I would have to say my favorite TD game is still The Creeps. It has really awesome graphics {ala old saturday morning cartoons} and amazing replayability.

  • Gabriel

    I really still love Tower Defense when it comes to TD games. Tons of maps, enemies, and upgradable towers. And, best of all, it was free :)

  • KefkaFan

    I still like Fieldrunners the best. Very fun to experiment with different pathways and such :)

  • FlameTornado

    I would have to say I enjoyed The Creeps the best. I like it because it’s not the same art as a lot of the TD games

  • BullRider

    I liked Sentinel the most. The cool sci-fi setting reminded me of StarShip Troopers

  • PrototypeFan

    I think Fieldrunners is still my fav TD app. It’s a cool style of art and placement of towers

  • Dave S

    I love Sentinel so much. It’s a fun, and challenging, game ^-^

  • sue

    Still love The Creeps! The graphics and artwork are great and gameplay is fun too!

  • Ricky

    GeoDefense hands down. I have yet to play td that has challenged me as much. SWD looks fun as well. I wonder if its a walk in the park tho. Hope its a challenging game.

  • aerofly

    Tower Defense all the way cause its free!

  • Bono2

    Elemental TD – Love the card system. Currently, its the only TD game on ipod using it.

    Defender Chronicles – Its great being able to upgrade the Hero and cuz of its challenging game play.

  • Raoupp

    Hey, thanks for the code. Will post my impressions later…

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