iCascade Now Free – A Dose of App Store Reality

icascade1 By now, you’ve probably heard of the insanely successful stories of iPhone developers who’ve reaped the rewards of the App Store ( aka iTunes gold mine). Steve Demeter’s puzzle game Trism netted him $250,000 in only 2 months, with a projected income of $2 million by July 2009. Or how Ethan Nicholas quit his day job after his immensely popular iShoot made $600,000 in a single month after “shooting” its way to #1 at the App Store. But for every success story, how many devs do you suppose find out the hard way that the grass is not always greener on the other side?

Take Austrian developer Matthias Hochgatterer for instance. After he released his first iDevice game iCascade, a unique match 3 puzzler priced at $0.99, it quickly disappeared off the radar as the onslaught of newer and more popular apps invaded the App Store. Now after 3 months of sales, Matthias tells TouchMyApps that he sells 1 copy per day on average, with a total of 130 units sold. So after 3 months of hard work developing the game, that translated into a mere 72 € (approx $100 US) of profit. Needless to say, a hundred “big” ones isn’t what Matthias had in mind when he set forth hoping to do reasonably well at the App Store.

With such disappointing returns, Matthias decided to make his game free for all to try out. Rather than offer a lite version of the app with limited features and levels (like many devs have before him), the full version of iCascade can now be enjoyed gratis. While it likely won’t win awards for “Best Puzzler Ever”, iCascade is still a pretty decent match ’em game that deserves more attention than it has received thus far. If you fancy puzzle and match 3 type games, I suggest you give iCascade a chance and do your part in supporting the ‘lil guys at the App Store, especially now that it is free. Check out the video below while you’re at it.


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