TMA vs Gamevil – Assassins Win!


These lads have at least two big reasons to smile: their company, are stomping all over the App Store with games like Zenonia and Baseball Superstars 2009 and have been stomping all over the Korean handset market for years with over 50 games. Dedicated to mobile gaming since inception, Gamevil have a unique, storied and urbane approach to the market which has garnished their corporate resume with top sellers and awards.

And today, I set foot into their Holy of Holies.

But their successes in the market hinge not only on a great business model, but on a tightly-knit group of hand-selected individuals, each who are incredible visionaries and even bigger geeks than we aspire to be! Unfortunately, I went in empty-handed. But the chivalrous Gamevil did not let me leave without a few goodies to pass around at one of our pow-wows – so stay tuned for some great announcements!

Our reviews of Gamevil‘s games:
Zenonia in Review, Zenonia Hands-on Impressions, Baseball Superstars 2009


You can almost see me in the reflection.


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