Blimp – The Flying Adventure In Review: This App Isn’t Just Full of Hot Air!

blimp_news2I was recently given an ad-hoc of this fantastic little platformer about a week ago. Initially I was skeptical, I’m not a huge fan of platform adventure games. They tend to become tedious and boring to me, but I took a chance on this game based on the gameplay video. It isn’t that the gameplay was that incredible but that the game was visually breathtaking. It wasn’t too long after installing Blimp that I found myself sucked into this magnificent world the developers created. I was so enthralled by it all that I soon found myself looking dumbly at the blank screen of my battery-dead iDevice.

blimps1Before you hit the main menu, the game tells you that it was designed to be used with headphones and while 90% of the time I see that, I tend to ignore it and play without them. I took the time to pull my headphones out this time and it really just increased the overall experience that this game puts you through. I can’t stress enough just how big a difference it makes.

The first thing that hit me about the game was its stunning visuals. The artistic value and depth they bring to Blimp is incredible and breathtaking. It’s like being transported to this alien and exotic world. The steam punk feel infuses itself to every aspect of the game, from the main menu to the environments in each of the levels, was a fantastic choice in my opinion. When you couple that with the extraordinary musical score and other audio nuances, it intensifies the feeling of transportation and really turns this into something more than a game you play for fun, as well as an experience that you can enjoy with the majority of your senses.

blimps2I’m a huge fan of video games that seek to and succeed in making their players a part of the experience, that enrapt you with every element of the game from gameplay to its story. It really speaks of the developers’ dedication to the creation of a game.

The story itself rests in the background after your introduction to it, but it’s a great blend of seriousness and humor. Most of the humor can be found in the “Mission Briefings” before each level. The characters and their dialog are saturated with it; I don’t want to spoil any of that for you so I won’t give you any tangible examples but I hope you’ll take my word on it.

blimps4Even though the controls are relatively easy I would suggest that you take the time to play through the tutorial as mastering them will take more than a lot of practice. You control your blimp’s hot air supply by pressing or holding your thumb on the Hot Air button on the bottom right of your iDevice’s screen, tilting your iDevice navigates your general direct or helps to slow your speed to allow a safe landing. Your blimp will eventually be retrofitted with a bomb deployment device and you can drop these bombs by pressing the “Bomb” button on the bottom left of the screen. Almost everything can be killed by 2-3 bombs, so be sure to aim well and conserve your supply.

Every level is loaded with a handful of difficulties, fans that blow you into walls, torch’s that erupt an intense jet of flame that will quickly deplete your health, radioactive toxic waste, smog blowers and even more. All of these dangers will require all of your attention to safely avoid. There are various enemies: artillery batteries, tanks, and other blimps. Spread randomly through the levels are power ups that increase your health, your time left, your score, and your ammunition.


While avoiding and destroying all of these things, you need to complete a handful of varying missions from collecting materials, acting as a taxi service carrying merchants from one point to another, or even placing explosive charges. They can all vary or even be mixed in together in a single level and you have to do all of this in under the time limit, so unfortunately slow and steady won’t win this race!

In the end, I would recommend this game for anyone that finds it even slightly intriguing. The difficult and all-encompassing gameplay coupled with the fantastic visual and audio nuances will suck you into the experience and guarantee hours of great fun. Just try to avoid throwing your iDevice when you find yourself failing a mission over and over again!

Note: Blimp – The Flying Adventures has an introductory price of only $0.99. Get it now before it goes to its regular $2.99 price point!


App Summary
Title: Blimp – The Flying Adventures (v1.0) Developer: Craneball Studios
Price: $2.99 (sale $0.99) App Size: 59.4 mb
  • Awesome aesthetics
  • Great musical score
  • Fun gameplay
  • Frustratingly difficult from time to time


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