Star Defense – Tower Defence’s True 3rd Dimension


As has been mentioned before, Tower Defence is a crowded genre at the App Store – very crowded – and full of great games. When ngmoco announced Star Defense, a true-3D TD game to hit App Store shelves around June, an almost audible groan could be heard from many gaming fans who have tasted the best already and are wanting something different for dessert. Well, Star Defense is not just another TD, it is another TD that has enough new gameplay to warrant a new genre.

Ngmoco, Star Defense, 5.99$, 60.8MB
Star Defense

Star Defence isn’t the same TD game that iPhone gamers have cut their teeth on. It really is 3D – not only in graphics but the 3rd dimension in terms of gameplay. Ngmoco have also added a unique social networking aspect to Star Defence where users can square off via Facebook, Twitter and email.

The story: part Quake, part Halo, but all action. The action: all action featuring unique controls, a dynamic and real-time economy, great perspective, enemies and well… see for yourself.

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