Safari 4 – New, Fast, Friendly and Fastened

news-safari-4Despite the lamentable changes in the laptop line, WWDC brought excitement to the scene with great announcements about Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.0 and a the new, faster iPhone 3GS. In all the rush of news and disappointments, it would be easy to forget that Safari 4, Apple’s latest version of their svelte web browser emerged from beta to greet eager downloaders last evening.

Sporting a re-designed interface and a new nomenclature, the new Safari crams 150 new features under its digital bonnet. Among these are speed and accessibility upgrades as well as a re-vamped bookmarking system and user interface. Security too has been battened down to protect users from the ever more adventurous malware coders. Take a look at the entire list innovations. I’ll be downloading now.

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