Sky Burger in Review – Hallelujah, It’s Raining Sesame Seed Buns!

skyburger9Burgers. Some are big, and some are small. However, not all burgers are big enough to fit inside a McDonald’s Happy Meal. These burgers are known as Sky Burgers. Our beloved Ian Marsh is now teamed up with his brother David Marsh (NimbleBit dynamic twin duo) to bring us his best, most beautiful, and juicy game yet.

skyburger2If you’re familiar with Scoops, another game by Ian, then you’ll already be acquainted with Sky Burger. Sky Burger has the same concept as Scoops, in which you stack falling objects from the sky. But Sky Burger makes up for what Scoops lacks, and that is depth. In Scoops, you stack “scoops” of ice cream that plummet from the sky. You ceaselessly continue to so until you lose by collecting 3 vegetables. While this may be fun, it still lacked variety.

skyburger3In SkyBurger, you are a “burger stacker” and you must fill out consumers’ orders specifically to their liking. Fail to do so, and your tip will decrease! You can still complete orders even by collecting the wrong ingredients. Nevertheless, if you finish off your burger with the dreaded bun before you collect all the right ingredients, then the order is void and you must start over from order #1. By finishing many orders, you can also be promoted to a higher rank.

As you progress, they increase in difficulty but are also more rewarding because you get paid more money per order you complete. Sometimes you will get the “sky burger” order, in which you endlessly stack ingredients without filling out a guideline. You continue to do so until you collect the bun. The “sky burger” is the true definition of a “heart attack on a bun”. How anybody in their right mind would spend over $500 on a burger is beyond me. Throughout Sky Burger you will complete the most peculiar named burgers such as Halitosis. This added with a soothing acoustic guitar soundtrack makes for one appealing and addicting game.


The appealing factor in Sky Burger comes from the great artistic talent of Ian and his brother David. If you’ve played any of Ian’s other games, then you’re familiar with his unique art style. Sky Burger is no different in “artsyness” but it actually has better visuals. The 3D textured ingredients look beautiful as they descend from the sky. Ian even went far enough to make the tomato look like a smiley face (which I’m not sure was intentional or I’m just seeing things..). If an object has a “close call” (where the ingredient just barely misses from landing on your burger) with your burger then it will tumble and roll down until it meets an unfortunate fate with the ground below. If the ingredient meets/embraces the burger and successfully lands on it, you will then be greeted by a plopping sound.

Sky Burger has two control schemes. Unlike Scoops, where you only had accelerometer control, Sky Burger also offers touch controls. Both methods work well and the tilt sensitivity can also be adjusted under the settings tab in the main menu. I personally found the touch controls easier to use of the two because it became quite difficult to maneuver the burger as it became taller than skyscrapers. It got to the point where I was jolting my iPhone so fast left and right I was ready to just call it a day and throw it through my television screen in sheer defeat.

skyburger6You can also toggle Sound FX and Music on/off there too, as well as upload your stats online. You can view your stats (average tip, wages, how many burgers total you’ve served, and more) under the career tab. Here you can also view the total averages for the whole world and see the top “burger stackers”. The high score menu itself is on a “top secret folder” and demonstrates another example of how Ian leaves no detail to perfection behind. Since the latest update, there has been achievements added to the game (which I won’t sleep until I unlock them all). You can view all your achievements under the trophy from within the careers tab.


Despite causing constant insatiable hunger pains, Sky Burger is a beautiful and addicting game that succeeds its predecessor Scoops. I don’t have any true complaints with Sky Burger other than its insane difficulty as you get past order ten and up. I would franticly be swiping my finger back and forth trying to catch a specific ingredient that would always fall at the wrong place and time. My only suggestion is to make a mode where you only stack “sky burgers” because I found these orders came too few and far between. Other than that, I can’t help but say Grab this fantastic game while it’s still fresh!


App Summary
Title:Sky Burger (v1.1)Developer:NimbleBit
Price:$0.99App Size:4.2 MB
  • Great Visuals
  • Touch or Tilt options
  • Achievements
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Can get very difficult and frustrating


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