Apple’s 2009 WWDC – Rundown of the Big Event (iPhone OS 3.0 – New iPhone 3GS)


Keep a look out here for major updates from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference as well as a final recap as the conference closes. Apple fans, iPhone devotees and the rest of you, it is WWDC time! If you are interested, take a look at the entire event over at Apple’s WWDC QuickTime page.


  • Major MacBook upgrades and Incremental MacBook Pro upgrades (all aluminium versions are now MacBook Pros)
  • Snow Leopard to be sold for only 29$ USD! Microsoft’s balls are in Apple’s court now – They cannot afford to price Windows 7 less than Windows Vista, so upgrading to the newest from Redmond will be very, very expensive in light of Apple’s supple and tidy OS.
  • iPhone 3G at 99$ (8GB), iPhone 3GS 199$ (16GB), iPhone 3GS 299$ (32GB)
  • Autofocus Camera @ 3 MegaPixels and new Camera software/10cm Macro
  • MMS
  • Digital Compass to work with Core Location
  • Turn by Turn Navigation and In-App Google Maps Support
  • Better Language Support
  • Find My iPhone for Mobile Me users
  • Tethering/HTML 5.0/OpenGL 2.0
  • Voice commands for phone and iPod functions
  • Landscape editing
  • Spotlight search for entire iPhone and all apps!
  • Better Battery (iPhone 3GS)
  • More Accessibility support
  • iPhone users can download movies straight from iTunes (unless your mum says now)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste for every app in the App Store and all Apple apps (2 years too late?)

Of course, we knew many of these functions as part of the OS 3.0 Sneak Peak back in March.

Looks like the App Store has gone down. This usually happens when Apple are about to unveil new hardware, software or from shameful programming. Given the timing, new updates to hardware or software are more than ostensible.


MacBooks got some Big Love.
-Built-in batteries across the entire range
-13-15 inchers get SD card reader and MacBook Pros lose Express Card :(
-13 inch – up to 8GB memory, 500 HD, new screen and backlit trackpad!

Snow Leopard Spotlight – Available in September for 29$!
-Chinese input from the trackpad
-QT enhancments
-Smaller footprint
-More crash resistant Safari due to foul plug-ins (typical Apple shuffling blame away from their product)
-64-Bit – “All the major system applications are in 64-bit mode”
-Better multi-core support through ‘Grand Central’
-OpenCL graphics – to help in common computing for Mac computers – graphics cards to unload the CPU
-Mail, iCal and Address Book to get Microsoft Exchange support – Finally! *EDIT* Exchange support requires MS Exchange Server 2007
-PPC (PowerPC) is being fazed out – Snow Leopard will support only Intel Macs

iPhone Spotlight!!!
-More than 50 000 apps in the App Store
-Over 1 Billion apps downloaded
-Video demo about successful devs – woohoo! Way to go Devs!
-Quote from a game developer: “I think I’ll never go back to the traditional way of making games again”
-iPone OS 3.0 to host over 100 new features
-Cut/Copy/Paste – works over every app – Apple’s and App Store’s – every app!
-Lansdscape editing coming “to all key applications, including Mail, Notes, Messages”
-MMS – 29 of 76 countries support. All from the SMS app – send multimedia and messages; ATT ready later in the summer
-Adding Spotlight support (search all databases and all apps on your iPhone from one app)!!!
-iTunes: rent and purchase movies straight from the iPhone
-Parental controls
-Tethering – share your internet via USB, Wired or Bluetooth to your Mac or PC! Unless you are on ATT! Sorry Americans!
-OS 3.0 runs Javascript 3x faster than 2.2.1
-Autofill for passwords
-HTML 5.0 support
-Support for 30 languages in iPhone OS 3.0 in full landscape mode (finally)
-Find My iPhone – service for Mobile Me customers on OS 3.0 – helps you retrieve your errant iPhone – if stolen or lost, you can send remote command to wipe all private data (good on ya Apple)
-OS 3.0 brings over 1000 API’s including in-App purchasing (game add-ons, magazine subscriptions, etc..
-Peer to peer – game finds peer to get fussy with
-Hardware accessories – Hardware devs can write software to work directly with the hardware
-Easily embed maps into your app with Cocoa touch controls (zoom, pan, etc..)
-Turn by turn location possible via CoreLocation
-Push notifications – devs can add messages, news, scoring, real-time updates to apps
-GameLoft up with demo of Asphalt 5 3D (mad graphics)
-Medical Airstrip CC app demo – can monitor patient’s condition remotely (even when not in hospital)
-Scroll Motion up to demo – Textbooks coming to App Store through their software
-Tom-Tom navigation software up to demo (wonder if it works on a shigzeo-powered Marinoni bicycle)? Works with spoken directions and a device to attach your iPhone to your car’s windscreen
-Ngmoco up – Upcoming StarDefense game with in-game expansion purchases – more dosh for more play! (Dropped hint that OS 3.0 is not available from today… when?)
-Pasco up – demoing information gathering app for scientific applications
-Zipcar demo up – embedded maps demoed – looks sweet for many applications – reserve, honk, everything from your phone when you don’t remember what it looked like in a car park of increasingly similar looking cars.
-Line 6/Planet Waves up now – guitar amps hooking up to guitar and iphone; digitally transform instruments ie. 6 string electric to 12 string acoustic!
-iPod Touch customers: 9.95$ please for OS 3.0, Free for iPhone users; available 17 June

iPhone 3GS
-2/3 of mobile browsing is done on the iPhone
-Apple ahead of Pre, Android, Symbian App Stores, disses the Pre
-New iPhone 3GS (unimaginative, but at least frank)
-“S” is for speed! Same form factor but app operations 2-3x faster than iPhone 3G (we will see)
-OpenGL 2.0 for game devs (this is nice)
-Built in 7.2 Mbps HSDPA for data transfer (if you are lucky enough to have carrier support)
-New Camera – 3.0 MegaPixel with autofocus; auto exposure and light balance; ‘tap to focus’; improved low-light performance; auto-macro (as close as 10cm)
-Can capture video too! 30fps VGA with audio, white balance with auto focus; videos editable for trimming
-Share videos via YouTube, Email, Mobile Me and MMS
-Voice dialing and voice control
-Voice control for iPod functions too
-iPhone now talks back, answers questions like “What is playing now?”; control genius through voice commands
-Digital Compass – works with maps to orient your position better (including what direction you face)
-New accessibility settings
-Nike Support
-“Hardware Encryption” for businesses
-Improved battery life!
-Same size as the old phone, but more environmentally amicable
-99$ for 3G; 199$ for 16GB 3GS and 299$ for 32GB 3GS
-Available June 19 even in “Cabandam” (which evidently means Canada to Ars!
(No luck for OLED screen eh? No matte back?)

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