Get Ready to Listen Upside-Down – 3rd iPhone Pictures leaked

What say ye, me luvies? 'Tis all bout the eadphone jack!

What say ye, me luvies? 'Tis all bout the eadphone jack!

Yup, that time again. Yup, will continue being that time until the device makes actual appearance at either WWDC or another event. Next year will be the same. Anyway, take a look above and tell us: what do you think of the iPod Touch-like bottom-mounted headphone jack? Personally, I love it. 

Top-mounted headphone jacks are harder to wield when listening to music. I have been surprised after the iPod Nano’s initial debut that the 5G and 6G iPod continued to use a top-mounted jack. But such an annoyingly small tidbit is hardly going to frazzle any of our stalwart readers who just care about bigger and better specs as well as how many more games can fit inside, right? You probably are more interested the hazy looking front-mounted camera and maybe the extra button. It could be a button for a camera? Bother that stuff!

So, to hell with OLED, faster processor, better gpu, video recording, rubber back, etc., I just want to hear what you have to say about the bottom-mounted headphone jack. Remember, this is just a rumour, but it is nevertheless, a serious concern for those inflicted by the same headphone-luvosis. 

[via Slashgear]

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