OS 3.0 To Get You Paid – Commission on App Recommendations to Hit iPhone’s Next $oftware Update?

iphone-3g-dollar-signThe iPhone has made a few people really rich and even fewer people filthy. If only we could all taste that freedom. According to an article at Business week, the end-user who recommends his/her apps to a friend might get a little something in return. While Apple aren’t unzipping their lips about this or other unannounced functions, there is a definite hoard of untapped features just waiting for devs, users and hopefully, hackers to discover.

Viral marketing can work wonders in certain markets and the distribution method employed by the App Store for instance, is perfect. While not everyone who owns and iPhone or iPod Touch buys apps, the number of people who do is astounding as is the number of developers and apps. A solid recommendation system would work wonders not only for Apple’s store, but for devs. It’s not what you know but who you know – I’m sure we’ve all heard that one before. Well, your mate who happens to have just purchased the addictive World Cup Ping Pong or Zenonia is as good a inexpensive marketing system as anything. Better perhaps.

So what does this mean? Buy more apps – hope that Apple, devs and the App Store move toward viral marketing methods. If they do, who knows, your next app may just pay for itself!

[via Businessweek]

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