In-Call MMS Patent Unearthed – iPhone P2P Looks Handy


If you haven’t time to read through the entire 19-page patent, let me outline it for you. A system called, “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications” will tentatively allow users to share different media whilst making telephone calls. Apple would accomplish this by enhancing the phone function in the iPhone with an ‘add media’ button. iPhone users could then share music files, video, images, voicemails, and podcasts with a tap.


The technology would also allow users to carry on conversations while listening to or viewing shared content much like Leopard’s iChat. Users would then be able to listen to or view the next media in the host’s iPhone as if the file was in their own library. More details will be revealed either at Monday’s WWDC or when this function sees implementation in Apple’s iPhone.

This system is limited to direct iPhone-iPhone calls and is not guaranteed to make it in time for the next iPhone. Appleinsider also mention that throughout the patent, numerous references to video conferencing appear. With all the hype and hope surrounding front-facing video cameras and possible video conferencing, it is likely that this patent will see exposure some time in the future and possibly, in the next iPhone.

Oh yeah… Welcome to the Social [sic]!

[via Appleinsider]

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