Brushes again in the News – Its Business Time!

Magazine: The New Yorker's cover was painted with Brushes

Magazine: The New Yorker's cover was painted with Brushes

Brushes, an excellent painting app reviewed a couple of weeks ago here at TMA is on a roll. Not content with a simple The New Yorker cover credited to its portfolio, Brushes has made news today in Businessweek as evidence that there is a Mobile App ‘landrush’. Quite true. Be it Apple, RIM or Windows Mobile, the medium of the wireless download has found a new and lucrative anchor in mobile users.

Steve Sprang, Brushes, 3.99$, 1.1 MB

Reasons for this are many but one of the biggest is simple convenience. With wireless connections and carrier’s bandwidth at users disposal, your mobile devices are converted into virtual shopping mall. Steve Sprang’s Brushes, a mere 3.99$ app is a huge success story to the tune of 144 000$ after taxes. 

While I won’t go too much further in this shoutout to Steve Sprang, I will lay this plea out for devs: if you have an idea – an idea that is birthed out of something you need or want – build it because we as consumers will buy it. If you need something or see a lack of functionality, plug it. But, plug it well. There is an abundance of off-the-cuff releases lately that is repellant. Money is of course a huge driving factor and to be successful, timing is key, but why tarnish a product launch with hasty releases, dearth of options and stability issues?

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