Updates to QuickOffice – Upgrading to a truly Productive Office App


Yes, cell borders can be edited now!

In my formal review of QuickOffice 1.0, I questioned whether a software suite that missed too many features was worth 20$. QuickOffice 1.2.0 fixes many of the problems by adding features that should have been present in the first release and adding a couple of undocumented requests. 

I can safely raise my own evaluation of QuickOffice to a Grab, but QuickOffice is still perhaps not up to the standards needed by people who use mobile Office products on a regular basis. Most of the upgrades, especially predictive text input, auto-capitalisation and double-space for a full stop (period) balance the app suite, but are overshadowed slightly by some strange behaviour in the text editing window. For instance, if you want to go up to the furthest left space and input text, you will be apt to click the ‘back’ button rather than successfully move the cursor to the top. The zoom tool works well, but navigating to any extremity of the screen is still a chore. 

Quickoffice, Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite, 19.99$, 6.9 MB
Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel & WiFi)

Despite all of the upgrades, I still feel lack in Quickword more than Quicksheets (which is now quite competitive with my expectations). There is still no spell checker other than the predictive text function. Justification is also still missing along with the ability to edit Microsoft Office 2007 XML based .DOCX. XSLX editing is also waiting till a later release.

review-business-quickoffice-update-img_0008 review-business-quickoffice-update-img_0011

The ability to choose indentation for paragraphs is a huge help. Before, it was necessary to ‘tab’ by clicking on the space bar several times to create an indent space. Now, using the selection tool, you can easily format every paragraph for indentation in several easy clicks. The same goes for bulleted lists. If you want, you can indent the lists to the edge of the page.

Pictures display beautifully and transferring files is still as smooth as the first version of QuickOffice. I prefer to connect via web browser because of QuickOffice’s great web interface, but mounting the iDevice is also an elegant option for transfer. A great addition to the app is a rather good find function. It is similar to the simple Safari find function in OSX Leopard. A click on the magnifying glass will open a text field at the top of the screen. You are able to search next and prior instances of word, phrase or numeral. 

There is probably not a big demand among QuickOffice’s market constituents for 中文 or 日本語 (Chinese and Japanese) text entry, but now, a user can input the two languages to a certain degree. Unlike the iPhone’s Notes or Mail apps which smoothly transition into those text entries, QuickOffice’s entry system is suffers hiccoughs. It is probably just an issue with QuickOffice’s implementation of text prediction.


As you can see, though my fingers typed the following: ‘nihongomokakerumitai’, QuickOffice mangled the input into a jibberish of letters after the Japanese text that must be deleted. The Japanese sentence, however, emerged unscathed. Note: Notes, Safari and Mail apps do not suffer from this issue. Below is Mail performing the first part of the same sentence with no leftovers. As it is now, it is not worth to non-Roman lettering.

review-business-quickoffice-update-img_0013 review-business-quickoffice-update-img_0005

The QuickOffice suite is on the way to becoming an excellent productivity app. The improvements to this version make it worthy of purchase, even at 20$, however, clumsy implementation of some important features such as zooming, text-window navigation and foreign character input make it hard to Kiss this app just yet. 

Take a look below for updated/upgraded features. 

Quickword (Word Processor):

  • Predictive text, auto-capitalization, and double-space for a period shortcut
  • Find text in a document and search for next or previous occurrences
  • Increase and decrease indentation level of bulleted lists, numbered lists, and paragraphs
  • Set paragraph alignment
  • Increase and decrease first lineindentation on a paragraph
  • View tables that are too wide for your screen by flicking the table left and right

Quicksheet (Spreadsheet Processor):

  • Copy/Paste cells, columns, rows, and cell ranges & formulas are dynamically updated!
  • Landscape editing directly into a cell
  • Edit directly into a cell in portrait — Just double tap the cell
  • New and easy way to build formulas
  • Set or remove cell borders
  • Add, rename, delete, and reorder worksheets inside a single spreadsheet
  • Clear the formula bar contents by pressing X or clear all contents & formatting from the toolbar
  • Edit font type and size
  • Set alignment within a cell

Quickoffice Files (File Management):

  • Auto-bookmarking your last viewed position in documents
  • Slide show viewing of remote and local images
  • UI improvements
  • Supports iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5

Quickoffice, Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite, 19.99$, 6.9 MB
Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel & WiFi)


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