Parachute Panic in Review – A Wonderful Breath of Fresh Air

parachute_panic9Behold, the newest game from FDG Entertainment, which has proven to be the latest “one more time” application on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This unique casual game requires you to safely guide your parachutists to the boats below, all while avoiding hazards such as UFO’s, helicopters, thunderclouds, and of course bloodthirsty sharks!

This is another simple game which manages to make you play round after round. Parachutists are released from overhead planes, and even though some of them are smart enough to pull their own ripcord, most of them will need your help to deploy their parachutes! By tapping the parachutists, their parachute opens up, and swiping the screen creates gusts of air which are used to guide them safely onto the ships below.

Obstructions such as the UFO’s and helicopters can be destroyed by 5 swift taps. Every time one is destroyed, you net a point, which is earned whenever a parachutist safely lands on the boat. There’s no way to avoid the thunderclouds other than directing the parachutists away from them, but I wish you could blow them out of the way as well. The controls work real well, as you can blow the wind in almost every direction, and it’s really fun to direct your parachutists onto the ships passing below.

parachute_panic18I really enjoy the graphics in Parachute Panic. They are made to create a hand drawn feel, with a graph paper background and sketch like drawings. They’re simple, clean, and well done overall. The animations such as the sharks coming to eat the divers, the parachutes opening, and the planes flying by are all smoothly executed. Parachute Panic is a crisp game and the visuals make it a great game to look at and play.

The audio effects are also well done. The soundtrack is excellent to listen to with wonderful sounds; such as the clip played when all of your lives are used up and 5 parachutists have failed to safely reach a boat. The other effects are great too; they’re clear and don’t get on your nerves at all.

parachute_panic8And that’s all the gameplay is about! You open up parachutes, and guide the parachutists to safety, which can be really complicated as the boats move and can differ in size. Lose 5 people to the dangers along the way and it’s game over for you. Even though it may seem simple and repetitive, it’s actually not! Every time I die I try to top myself one more time — Parachute Panic is just as addicting as the already well established Flight Control.

There is no lack of game statistics. From how often you fall victim to each of the dangers, to your average score, and high score: all are kept track of. This helps the replay value even more as you can always try to achieve the best stats possible and one-up yourself. In the future, online high scores would be great, and maybe different game modes such as a completely randomized mode instead of sets of waves would be nice.

parachute_panic11Anyone looking for a game that can be played casually needs to check out Parachute Panic. You’ll want to save as many of the little guys as possible, and it’s also great because there’s an auto save function so you can continue from your previous progress, instead of having to restart every time you open up the app. At its excellent price of just 99 cents, grab it quick before it goes back up!

Parachute Panic gets kissed by TouchMyApps. This is the perfect game for literally everyone who just wants to kick back and relax.


App Summary
Title: Parachute Panic (v1.0) Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.0 mb
  • Wonderful hand drawn graphics
  • Sound and music are excellent
  • Laid-back and simple
  • Gameplay is just so addicting and smooth!
  • The price is right
  • Possibly more game modes
  • Online highscores would help even more


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