Quotationary’s Got Company – Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’


Educational? Inspirational? Baddass? You decide. Developer Kim Chi Studios (yum!) just released the new educational, inspirational, quotation-full, life-changing app: Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’, a tongue-in-cheek collection of quotations that can be mailed, appended, rated, bookmarked and researched via Wikipedia. Anything else? Yes, you can make your own quotes! If anyone can stand up to giants of wisdom such as Clint Eastwood, it is you, the baddass reader.

Kim Chi Studios, Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’, $0.99
Get Wise 'r Die Tryin'

Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’ even has the cool old-looking background that you see in ancient manuscripts. Add that too cool page-turn effects and a decent interface and Quotationary has a competitor. Of course, a library of 500 quotes versus thousands has a long road ahead, but just as wine and kimchi get better with age, Kim Chi Studios will ferment their app gracefully.

A quick look at their support site (no jokes) will reveal their strategy to become the best quotation-app in the app store.

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