Updated: The 99 dollar iPhone – Video Chat – The Next Generation iPhone Rumours get Busy


All of a sudden, the iPhone, Mac computer and Snow Leopard rumours rampantly rise in a vortex created by the upcoming WWDC. Interestingly enough, in just a few weeks, they will no longer be rumours. Readers, rumour sites and the like will have to find something else to mill their busy brains about. For our part – we are no different – the iPhone, rumours and sneaky peaks are our lifeblood. 

(Update: as we know, the 8GB 3G iPhone was revealed at WWDC to be reduced in price to 99$ while the 3GS models at 16GB and 32GB apiece will go on sale at 199$ and 299$ 19 June)

So, when BoyGeniusReport mentioned that Fido, a Canadian (yeah!) carrier had slipped the above image along with their entire 2009 roadmap, my blood began to boil (in a good way). The rumour is that the 99 Dollar iPhone will be 4GB and have a small upgrade to the tune of video conferencing capabilities. This supports the current discussion that new iPhone models will be arrayed from 4GB to 32GB and possibly have different hardware capabilities. 

There are two methods that I know of to get video conferencing to work with the current iPhone. 1: With only a back-mounted camera, you could use a mirror and have at it. 2: Apple could join the 21st century and include a smaller front-camera. The mirror might go along with Apple’s aesthetic ego, but I doubt Jonathan Ive would support such an unwieldily contraption. My response is that a front-mounted camera is more likely. 

The complete list of rumoured spec is here. Take a look, it will be interested to see which pieces are absolute misses and which actually debut in the next iPhone.

[via BoyGeniusReport]

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