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Clan Wars is baaaack baby! Starting today, June 1st, the next Clan Wars competition will begin once again. For those who followed our last clan wars, you may recall that TouchMyApps kicked some serious ‘apps’ the final two weeks and even laid claim to some wickedly sweet Freeverse PC/Mac prizes (valued up to $100) as Clan winners. For those not familiar with Clan Wars, 5 iPhone sites recruit clan members and go head to head for weekly prizes. This time round, instead of tossing balls, the featured game will be Keith Shepherd’s popular and well received word game, Imangi. The competition will last 4 weeks, with Keith setting up an “easy” challenge board for the first week and players will see the game get progressively more difficult as the weeks go by.

So are you ready to show your favorite iPhone blog some love once again? Well then, what are you waiting for? Check out all the juicy details on how you can join the TouchMyApps Clan and secure those weekly prizes after the jump!

I’ve heard enough of your yammering already. Just tell me how to hook up with TMA in Clan Wars!

First and foremost, you will need a copy of Imangi, priced at a very affordable price of $1.99. Buy Here

Ok, so I gave up my allowance to shop at the Dollar Store for a copy of Imangi, now what?

Nice. You’ll then need to fire up Imangi on your iDevice and create an online profile. Once done, you’ll have to set up your affiliation with TouchMyApps via “Friend Challenge” (be sure to enter the code TMAPPS1 to join our clan). For full and detailed instructions, simply go to the Imangi set up page here.

I’m still listening…

We’re almost there! You must then register with the ClanWarsChaos site and leave a comment to let everyone know your clan affiliation.

Keith has uploaded a great video on how to play Imangi, so by all means check out the tutorial below and start scoring some points for your beloved TouchMyApps!

All the required info is found on ClanWarsChaos, so you can use that as a reference as well. If you do have any questions at all, please send me an email at louis[at]

See you on the other side and lets kick some apps!

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