Are you ready for Mosquito Season? Julian Duhamel is!


With May ‘2-4’ done with and June almost upon us, there is one species itching to bite into the new summerish season: the mosquito. Some places around the world are already warm and others are just about to feel the heat – ideal breeding grounds for the mosquito who has waited as much as the beach bunny for the sun.

Julian Duhamel, Anti-Mosquito with Ultrasound
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Anti-Moustiques à ultrason

In dry, cooler weather, mosquitoes ‘hybernate’, waiting for the rain whilst the diseases they carry have a chance to infect their entire body till they reach the saliva glands. By the time June kicks into full force, they are a virtual cesspool of infection. Enter Julian Duhamel (resident App Store Ultrasound Guru) Anti-Mosquitoes with Ultrasound, a new app that aims to do just that: Anti-Mosquitoes for you!

If you are unsure of the theory, it is sort of complicated and somewhat inflammatory (I’ll get to that later). Ultrasound waves imitate one of two things to a mosquito. Either it is A: the male mosquito sound which is intolerable to females (poor buggers) or B: bat-sound that mosquitoes are afraid of. 

The problem isn’t the theory: it works. But then, so does any theory purported by people who want to make money. The problem is when the product is tested. In an excerpt from Neotropical Entomology, we can see how the theories, while sound, don’t have the desired effect when put into practice. Ultrasound has no provable effect in repelling mosquitoes.

As for the inflammatory bit: this app may work for a different type of mosquito: teenagers. If you are under the age of 25 and your ears are in good health, you are not only a troublemaker according to the Wiltshire folk, but you will be deterred from causing trouble when mosquito-like high frequency sounds are played outside a shop. Check out the article here.

While Anti-Mosquito may be somewhat scientifically proven to not work on mosquitoes, Mr. Dumahel may have found a way to keep you from overdosing on iPhone-use — if you are under 25 years of age. Of course, he is not the only one, but he has the best mosquito-repellent icon at the App Store.

If you want to reduce your daily iPhone usage, by all means check out Anti-Mosquitoes with Ultrasound.

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