Kryzer Prologue in Review – 360° of Pure Action


360°. A full circle. That’s what Kryzer Prologue is based off of! You control the flight path an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it vaporizes enemy units. Instead of traditional side scrolling or vertical shoot ‘em ups, Kryzer Prologue’s unique gameplay sets you in a circular play field as you rotate clockwise around the circle.

Kryzer Prologue is not complicated, but it manages to hold your attention and keep you playing. Your controls consist of just 2 buttons. You have a plus and a minus sign to move you further away and closer to the center of the circle, respectively. Your ship automatically fires and flies itself; all you need to do is guide it. The controls can be a bit hard to wrap your mind around as a new perspective has to be taken, but they are smooth and easy once you’ve played for a while.

kryzer2Your life is tracked by the amount of time you have left. Once the timer hits zero, BAM! you’re vaporized. Every time you destroy an opponent they’ll drop an orb which you can fly into to gain an extra 5 or 15 seconds. But crash into an opponent or get shot by one, and you instantly lose 30 seconds. The longer you go without receiving a penalty, the faster you go and the farther your shots will go around the field. You will also gain higher scores for defeating opponents.

This game is extremely fun to play as you try to one up your last score on the worldwide high scores standings. There are 3 difficulty levels, so you slowly work your way up to the top. Kryzer becomes extremely fast paced and you’ll find yourself scrambling to not get hit. The increase in difficulty comes a bit soon, but it’s easy to get used to.

kryzer3The visuals are well presented in Kryzer Prologue as is the music and sound effects. The electronic beat in the soundtrack is catchy and nice to listen to, and the sound effects make Kryzer rather immersive. Clean cut and well presented, Kryzer Prologue is pretty to look at.

The only things missing are possibly more add-ons like different weapons, more level variety, and what not, but the reason Kryzer is so great is because of its easy to pick up and play feel. The high scores list provides good replay value, and there’s even a competition so people can win copies of the next Kryzer game!

kryzer5Anyone needing to fill a spot on their iDevice’s springboard should definitely save room for Kryzer Prologue. It is straightforward, addicting, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun! For only a dollar you can’t go wrong by buying it, and if this is just the prologue, then I can’t wait for Kryzer 3D.

Kryzer Prologue gets grabbed by TouchMyApps.


App Summary
Title: Kryzer Prologue (v1.0) Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.4 MB
  • Clean cut and easy to play
  • Good attention to music and graphics
  • Leaderboard competition a plus
  • Makes you play just one more time!
  • Unique game style
  • Controls quirky at first
  • Could use more depth
  • Battery life not the best
  • High Scores take a bit of time to load


Kryzer in Action!

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