The Elephant in the Room – Zune HD Making Appearances


The other big American OS/Software/Sometimes Hardware company’s new and highly anticipated Zune HD just got a laying on of hands by Gizmodo’s Brian Lam. As per interface, responsiveness and looks, the Zune HD has all in spades and sports a minimalist/industrial GUI design more reminiscent of Apple than of the horrid incongruence that often disgraces Microsoft products.

Other than pictures, movies and music that are seen in this brief hands-on, the Zune HD will play games and act as a bridge between several Microsoft markets, in particular, the XBox. Apple haters, tech gurus and pundits – get ready for some fun discussions and I’m quite sure, lynchings.

‘Confirmed’ specs for the Zune HD are as follows:
3.6-inch multi touch OLED display
HDMI connection
Nvidia’s Tegra graphics chip
4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 120GB versions
HD Radio
Web Bruiser

Alas, Microsoft may never abandon its America-only, Windows only policy, so this blogger may stay high and dry as he don’t touch Windows. However, it is nice to see proper competition from competent software designers who can push a sense of urgency on Apple who may need some encouragement to bring the Apple to the iPod Touch.

[via Gizmodo]
  • Jim Haley

    By the way, from this Gizmodo post:

    “The Zune Marketplace is set to cross oceans, coming to several western European countries and, finally, Canada.”

    I assume if the ‘marketplace’ is going outside the US, so is the hardware. But then again, perhaps that’s too far of a leap of logic I’m making on Microsoft’s behalf.

  • Thanks for the spot Jim. While a good start, Microsoft need to push their player into Asia where there is a wealth of decent players but very poor software support and no hi end features like gapless playback.

    Apple’s iPod and the Sony players are the only ones to support this. Zune has a reputable name as a decent sounding player, but it is literally stuck too far away from the buying market.

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