GravSynth Music App – Gravitational Music for the Musician and the Curious


GravSynth is an exciting musical app which bends synth music DJ-style in the palm of your hand. Perhaps, it would be more appropriate to describe it rather, as an instrument. It uses the forces of gravity, touch input and your unerring creativity to produce music.

Tokyo-based Kayac have been producing mobile apps for different platforms, but GravSynth is their first App Store release. Among their many mottos is what could roughly be translated as ‘continual production’ (つくり続ける) which shows in their unswerving dedication to production and continual new ideas.

Take a look at their marketing literature, photos and a demonstration of GravSynth in action after the jump

From their Webpage:

GravSynth is a new musical instrument which allows users of any skill level to engage advanced improvisational musical performances through an easy to understand intuitive interface.

By simply titling your iPhone (or iPod Touch), you can use changes in gravitational force to further control the application and even those with no musical experience can enjoy creating high-level improvised musical compositions―like those of jazz musicians―by using nothing more than their intuition and fingertips.


The musical phrases generated by the arpeggiator are based off of the “Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organizaiton,” an influential jazz music theory. Tilting your iPhone (or iPod Touch) vertically will reduce gravitational drag creating a high-tension musical phrase where as holding your iPhone (or iPod Touch) horizontally will increase gravitational pull and create a more stable musical phrase. In this way, manipulating the arpeggiator allows you to reproduce complex improvisational pieces of music in the same manner as a jazz performer.


Additionally, by using the 12 keys along the bottom and TapTempo, you can set the key and rhythm to match the song you are performing. Also, Tilting your iPhone (or iPod Touch) horizontally you can select the phrase speed with matching tempo.


We encourage you to make GravSynth a part of your band’s performances or an element in your mixing as a DJ and, above all, I hope that you will find new and exciting ways to make use all of GravSynth’s features.
Musical performance via easy-to-use touch pad (including pitch and volume control).
Arpeggiator controlled by varying combinations of gravity (tilt) and an eight pad touch panel.
Phrase speed controlled by horizontally tilt.
Keyboard with 12 different musical keys to choose from.
Rhythm synchronization via TapTempo.
Analog synthesizer (from open source codes. mobile synth

Musical Theory Supervisor:
Daisuke Fujiwara aka.quartz head
Professional Musician, Tenor Saxophone Player, Lydian Chromatic Concept Instructor

You can check out GravSynth at iTunes here:
Kayac, GravSynth, 1.99

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