Doom Classic on the Brink of Release?

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App Store FPS fans have a few great staples to sink lead into including the excellent re-tooling of the Wolfenstein 3D Classic which promises a coming port of the Wolftenstein RPG. The same iD responsible for Wolf are working (fastidiously it would seem) on their next killer FPS: the grand daddy if not founder of modern shooters: Doom.

Doom brought the FPS genre out-of-doors to high-res textures, long draw distances and eerie surroundings. The development of Doom Classics looks to be quite involved despite the game’s age and ancient hardware requirements. No matter, with a probably release of June 2009, old-school shooter, new school shooter and FPS fans in general have heaps to look forward to.

TouchArcade has some more piccies. FPS fans, get ready to be Knee Deep in the Dead!

[via TouchArcade]

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