Car Jack Streets 1.1 Update – Bigger, Better and Blinger


The ever popular Car Jack Streets (CJS) has just gotten better with its first update and more promised to come. 1.1 brings heaps and heaps of improvements and accordind to TagGames, stability. Everyone who owns this game should update as soon as possible (and remember to restart your iDevice to eliminate OS memory errors). The next update is scheduled for a release in June by an eager Paul and Team. Take a look at our detailed and very fair review of CJS 1.0. Also, keep an eye out for an updated review based on the features of 1.1.

Some complaints in 1.0 were:

  • Controls too difficult
  • Poor saving method
  • No Punching
  • Randal can carry only one weapon at a time
  • Crashing
  • Mapless GPS
  • Poor or no Tutorial Text
  • Not violent enough (what? I lit up half the neighbourhood with a big fat flame thrower and then sold the deadies’ cars)
  • Not enough vehicles (what? Well, now you get a tank and a helicopter)

More Violence is not the only next great improvement. Take a gander at Tag Games’ press literature for the lowdown on more guns, better guns and more bling and remember, at a sale price of only 2.99$, it is a steal.

Tag Games and Goldstriker International invite you to get your bling on with Car Jack Streets Update!

Update 1.1 includes chance to win a limited edition gold plated iPod Touch engraved with the CJS logo!

Dundee Wednesday 27 May 2009 – Tag Games has today launched the first in a series of free updates for its explosive App Store hit, Car Jack Streets. In addition to a huge number of improvements and fixes the free update offers both existing and new players the opportunity to win a limited edition Gold plated iPod Touch, engraved with the Car Jack Streets logo!

Only one exclusive Gold plated Car Jack Streets iPod Touch will be produced in conjunction with Goldstriker International. Tag expects the competition to appeal to anyone with a love of bling! Competition entry is simple, gamers must collect all of the 50 hidden packages strewn across Jack City and register to the online ranking boards. The competition closes on 3rd July 2009 when Tag will draw one winner at random.

While the innovative crime simulator received an average review score of 8.2 from over 22 leading game review sites, the update has been created entirely around the suggestions of both player and critic feedback. Delivering the best in dedicated fan service, Tag Games has listened closely to the fans and has modified the game based on their suggestions.

Creative director at Tag Games Jamie Bryan said: “Because we are an independent developer, we really appreciate every single sale of our games and really do take onboard the feedback we receive in the hope of producing bigger and better titles that cater to the fans. This really is a massive update that revamps many aspects of the game that critics felt could have been improved on. I think players of the initial launch will be pleasantly surprised by what we have done in this update, while newcomers will experience a slick title, offering hours of mayhem and fun.”

The first expansive update will add a wide range of new features and fixes to Car Jack Streets including:

Fully interactive ‘Jack City’ map available from your GPS

  • All major reported bugs will be remedied once players install the update
  • New ‘steering wheel’ control method for casual players and increased button responsiveness
  • Randal now has increased lives. Players now have five chances to pay mob boss Frankie, making the game less
    harsh if you miss a payment
  • Randal can now carry up to five weapons at a time and cycle through them at will
  • Players now have the option of returning to their condo safe house to save weapons and vehicle before exiting the game
  • Two new vehicles. The destructive Sports Utility Tank and the Sky Copter
  • Players can now play their own iPod music in the game

Tag Games, Car Jack Streets, 2.99$
Car Jack Streets - On SALE!

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