Addictive Puzzler, Modulo to get Expansive 1.1 Update


The imaginative lads at Electric TopHat promise a great update to the ‘horribly addictive’ puzzle game, Modulo. The TopHat team, Robert McDowell and Dave Lees are and an independent developer based out of Scotland with poise an experience in both the computing and gaming world to knock the socks off of puzzle fans. Their 1.1 update to Modulo will bring the following items to the game:

• Updated Graphics
• Improved Gameplay (we made the cogs go a little faster for you)
• 60 Additional Puzzles
• New Attack Mode
• Puzzle Ranking and Overall Difficulty Level Ranking
• User Audio Playback Support

Despite its scope, 1.1 is a free update and a heartfelt ‘thank’s from the devs. In case you are wondering, TMA is getting its hands on the game for a forthcoming review, but in the meantime, take a bit of time to feat your eyes on their press literature:

Modulo is exclusively designed and developed for Apple hardware. The game moves away from traditional puzzle titles and asks you to think outside the box. Players must rotate a set of coloured cogs until they are all facing in the same direction. The aim is simple, but the game is incredibly devious and requires a great deal of lateral thinking, as tethered cogs make life difficult for you. This really is Sudoku for the iPhone generation.

If the names GTA and Crackdown alone are not enough to inspire confidence in TopHat’s resume, here is a tidbit on both members.

Robert (Bert) McDowell is an seasoned Irish game developer currently based in Scotland, with over eight years of game development experience and multiple published titles (including the award-winning Crackdown for the Xbox 360). He is now an independent game developer trying to make a living outside the standard publisher / developer relationship, currently focusing on small scale game development for Apple’s iPhone platform.

Dave Lees has worked in the video games industry since 1989 spanning platforms such as Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, mobile phones and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He was a founder of Visual Sciences as well as the Technical Manager for DMA. Dave has worked on Hired Guns, Lemmings for Windows, Lemmings Paint Ball, GTA, Crackdown and Medal of Honour amongst others.

Till our review, stay tuned, but definately take a look at the below YouTube gameplay video.


Electric TopHat, Modulo, 99 cents

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