The heading of Zenonia’s App Store page hails it as the return of classic action RPG[s]. While this is a lofty statement to make, GAMEVIL put their money where their mouths are and brought us a game that fulfills this statement. After a few hours under my belt, I can safely say that there is nothing to adequately compare Zenonia with that is offered in Apple’s App Store.


The first thing I realized as I delved into the role of Regret, the main protagonist, is how expansive the game is. This is in direct contrast to most iDevice games. I can recount how, app after app, I felt the shortness or limited scope of the game, whether it is through sheer hours of playability, replayability, or even in the various aspects of customization.

Zenonia, on the other hand, does much to show you just how expansive it is. This game boasts:

  • Numerous quests following an epic storyline
  • Hundreds of unique items for each character
  • Long play time (packed with over 40 hours of game-play)
  • Good-and-Evil decision tree with a different storyline depending on the path you choose

zenonia_review2What starts off as a simple quest to see who killed Regret’s father turns into a story in which you choose to be on the side of good or evil as either a Paladin, Warrior, or Assassin. While the story may seem cookie cutter in so many ways, I realized how it subtly pulled me in. I honestly wanted to find out who killed my… sorry… Regret’s father. I really struggled with the temptation to go down the dark road instead of the road o’ light. Knowing that I can finish and play again to satiate my dark cravings made me smile. This is no small thing because once you finish all 40+ hours of Zenonia, you can play again with different outcomes and experiences.

zenonia_review3The graphics and the sound are definitely a highlight. There’s an blend of 16-bit Zelda mixed in with anime influences that fit well with the iDevice platform. This is a difficult accomplishment. There are so many game that would benefit from a closer or further zoom. Yet, with Zenonia, what you view on screen is adequate. The only place that seems a bit cramped is the in quick slots.

On the middle bottom of the screen are four quick slots. You can assign magic spells to one row and items in the next. By pressing the button with the left arrow next to the slots, you switch between the two rows. If you have bigger, clumsier fingers like me, you’ll find that it takes you a second longer to hit the right slot. This can have negative effects, such as not being able to heal properly if you’re close to the maws of death.

zenonia_review4The big question that needs to yet be answered is, “Is Zenonia a fun game?” I would say yes on most accounts. If you’re looking for a graphically excellent game, then get Zenonia. If you’re looking for a game with a true storyline that you can follow for hours long, then this is the game for you. If you’re looking for depth in terms of customization, upgradability, and weapons/equipment buying, this is a great game.

Yet, I will admit that the actual fighting mechanics get routine. In terms of the specific aspect of the game, Zenonia is little more than a standard hack-and-slash affair. While this is not a drawback for most people (and honestly to be expected from a game within the ARPG genre) for those that are not prepared for this, it may seem a bit simplistic. Other than this one aspect of gameplay, Zenonia excels far and above the iDevice RPG herd.

zenonia_review5Zenonia is a must-not-miss game that deserves a space on everyone’s iDevice front page. Gamevil surprised me at how much they can pack into one game in such a small device. I’ll say it here and now, Zenonia is definitely worth its price.


App Summary
Title: Zenonia (v1.0) Developer: Gamevil Inc.
Price: $5.99 App Size: 9.6 mb
  • Expansive Gaming Experience
  • Replayability
  • Good Story Line
  • Play as a Paladin, Warrior, or Assassin
  • Simplistic Action
  • Quick-Slots May Be Too Small


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