Last Cannon in Review – Beware the Knurlings


“This is the end. What was once paradise is now waste and rotting meat. I am surrounded by the decaying corpses of these disgusting invaders. The stink of them fills my thoughts. And I am so hungry. Before my mind consumes itself in despair, I have to write our story. My name is Jhava, and as far as I know, I’m all that’s left.”

Dark and somber, but it catches your attention huh? That is the beginning of the tale you get if you choose to open the in game journal. Don’t worry though, Last Cannon is actually very relaxing to play and the rest of the game isn’t really depressing.

last_cannon2In Last Cannon, the goal is to defend your cannon, which is apparently the last one (duh) from the invading Knurling forces. This is kind of similar to Space Invaders where the enemies move across the screen, then move down close and closer as time passes. If you fail to stop a Knurling though and have one of them bypass your cannon, then you’ll lose a life, which are represented by flags. Lose all four and it’s game over for you.

Controls in Last Cannon are straightforward and simple, with a little twist. By tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch, you control where your cannon is pointed. Weapons at your disposal include: the laser beam, your actual cannon and finally, the bombs.

With the laser, you can use it to hold a Knurling in place, and change its color between blue and orange. This plays a large role in the game because you have a limited amount of cannon shells, and you can only gain more by destroying Knurlings of the same color with one shot. Knurlings will only explode and destroy others of the same color, so it’s possible to get some huge chains going on. The laser is crucial in creating these changes, so set up your color changes accordingly.

last_cannon3The cannon is simple, you shoot off rounds at the enemy Knurlings and as explained above, they’ll explode if they’re touching others of the same color. If you tap the fire button again when the cannon is in the air, you can remotely detonate it. You also have a bomb that you can use to clear the screen. You won’t get any points but it’s a good way to get out of tight situations. As you kill more Knurlings, the bomb recharges and after a certain number you’ll be able to use it again.

The action becomes hectic really quick, and soon you’ll be scrambling to destroy all the Knurlings. You’ll quickly find yourself drawn again and again to the gameplay as you try and defend your base from the invaders!

Last Cannon features great graphics and animations. While the background, along with your cannon is in an eery black and white, the knurling and cannon shots are all bright colors. They’re well detailed though, and there’s no pixilation or out of place images. The soundtrack is also nice to listen to, fitting the game nicely and making it that much better.

last_cannon4There’s a high scores list which is nice because you can always try to one-up yourself. However there’s only one way to play. If there were more game modes, or a bit more variety in possible upgrades and whatnot, Last Cannon would be even better than it is. My biggest gripe is that if you’re in the middle of a game you can pause, but you can’t save your progress, quit, then resume. The wonderful narrative doesn’t appear in the actual game either.

In the end Last Cannon is a joy to play and anyone looking for an update to a more classic game type should definitely check it out. It’s a bit shallow, but at its price of just a buck this is a steal. If you’re looking for a challenging and fast paced arcade shooter, Last Cannon is recommended for sure. Some more depth to the game would make this game even better, but look out for future updates which include global online leaderboards.

Last Cannon gets grabbed by TouchMyApps.


App Summary
Title: Last Cannon (v1.0) Developer: shadiradio
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.9 MB
  • Wonderful sound and visuals
  • Gameplay is easy and addicting
  • Controls are a breeze
  • Backstory is very intriguing
  • Needs more game modes/variety
  • No option to save your progress
  • Narrative doesn’t appear in game


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