Geotap in Review – Educational Fun

geotap1I’m actually a big fan of mini games and quick pickup-and-play games; ones that don’t take much time and effort and can entertain me for short spurts while I feel bored, e.g. daily commute, waiting at a restaurant, etc… Hence I don’t particularly enjoy games that require me to spend lots of time passing levels and learning overly complicated controls/gameplay. This is why I like Concentric Sky’s Geotap quite a bit!!

geotap2The aim of Geotap is for the user to tap on the correct location specified by the game, and the player will be given points based on the speed and accuracy of his/ her answer. Answers requested can be either cities or famous monuments (at least up to level 4, the last level I was able to get up to).

geotap3The player will first get an entire map of the world, and the questions will be asked on the screen. The user can use the typical double-tap or reverse-pinch gestures from the iDevice OS on the touch screen to zoom into the map. The more accurate you are in being able to pinpoint the location, the more points scored per question. While this is a great idea, the implementation of this function still needs work; the zooming in and the rendering of the map is hideously slow, which makes the gameplay not very fluid. Also, because I’m timed on the speed of my answer, I just know that I’m losing precious time trying to get as close in as possible for maximum points (please note that here I’m using an iPhone; it could very well be quicker on a 2nd generation iPod Touch).

geotap4Onto my opinion of this game; I think GeoTap is actually quite addictive. The concept is very interesting and at the same time also very educational. It was only upon playing the game I had realized that there are so many places I didn’t know where it’s located; I mean I know where things are thereabouts… but now I know to the nearest mile how far off I am. This is also the reason why the game is so addictive; the two elements that you can control to achieve the highest score, i.e. speed and accuracy, are key in Geotap and it certainly makes it more challenging and fun. As well, seeing how the statistics are displayed immediately after solving the questions just makes me wish I could keep passing level after level.

If you’re looking for a game that is easy to pick up and play, addictive and educational to boot, then you should definitely check out Geotap. While it’s not perfect (zooming breaks up pace of the game) , the fact that you can have fun while learning something new makes this a worthwhile entry in the ever growing App Store.


App Summary
Title: Geotap (v1.0) Developer: Concentric Sky
Price: $1.99 App Size: 19.0 MB
  • Simple yet addictive game play
  • Very descriptive scoring system that helps the gamer improve
  • Educational
  • Slow zooming in/ zooming out
  • No use of music; though this can make the game more intense
  • (My personal grief… it’s quite hard…)


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